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Everyone has their favorite products for their recipes.  When I choose my products I always look at the labels to make sure they are free from unnecessary additives and preservatives.  I’m looking for organic and GMO free products that are reasonable priced and work well with my recipes.

To find all my clean and easy recipes check them out under Recipes and Cooking on my website.



Grass-Fed Gelatin -Collagen protein is a 100% pure, pasture-raised, grass-fed gelatin powder. Gelatin will thicken in cold liquids so its perfect for to make my Gelatin Jigglers – a gut healthy snack.  The amino acids contained in gelatin good for gut health and are identical to the protein found in skin, nails, hair, bones, cartilage, and joints. Gluten Free, rBGH Free, Non GMO.


some of my favorite things for quick meals and snacks

Passion Tazo Tea is what I used for my Gelatin Jigglers recipe.  It comes out delicious and you will be fighting the kids off so make a double batch.



some of my favorite things for healthy meals and snacks

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Elixirs – I can’t say enough about how amazing these mushroom elixirs make me feel.  I enjoy the Chaga for the benefits of immunity, energy and antioxidant properties.  I drink this instead of coffee and have amazing energy throughout the day.  The Reishi is excellent before bed for a great night’s sleep.  The Cordyceps is great for stamina for your workout while the Lions Mane is known for focus, creativity and memory.


braggsBragg’s Liquid Aminos – An alternative to Tamari and soy sauce this is made with no preservatives and from non GMO soy.  Traditional soy sauce is not gluten free and may contain GMO’s and MSG.



some of my favorite things for recipes and quick snacks

Carob – I can’t tell you what a lifesaver carob is for people with migraines or caffeine sensitivities.  Carob tastes and acts like chocolate in a recipe.  In fact, my Dark Chocolate Almond Bark is really made with carob and clients find that it taste like dark chocolate and is better than if they use cocoa in the recipe.  Carob is full of antioxidants, low in sugar and easy to use in recipes.



Some of my Favorite things for quick meals and snacks

Powdered Peanut Butter – Made from organic peanuts, coconut palm sugar and sea salt this powder is lower in fat and calories than traditional peanut butter.  Compare 2 T of PB Fit at 70 calories and 2 net carbs to 2 T of traditional peanut butter at 190 calories and with 4 net carbs.  Great for shakes, baking or a low calorie snack.


now-steviaNOW Organic Stevia Powder – This little bottle of stevia comes with a tiny spoon that is perfect for adding just a dash of sweetness to your coffee or maybe several dashes to your recipes.  A non-bitter, organic, natural leaf stevia with no additional ingredients makes this a very clean source.


Some of My Favorite Things for Recipes

Monk Fruit – This product comes from the Monk Fruit or Lou Han and like stevia will not spike insulin.  Monk Fruit has been used for hundreds of years as a natural sweetener and is now being found in many healthy products.  This brand is pure without any sugar alcohols or other additives.



baking-powderBaking Powder – Not all baking powders are created equal.  This one is gluten and aluminum free.



some of my favorite things for healthy meals and snacks

True Roots Sprouted Lentils – This combination of green, black and brown lentils is organic and ready in just 6 minutes.  Comes out perfect every time and being sprouted increases the nutritional profile and makes them easier to digest.  



Some of my favorite things for meals and snacks

Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds – I just love these crunchy sprouted pumpkin seeds.  Great for salads, dishes or just a quick snack.  Sprouting seeds makes them easier to digest and makes the nutrients more bioavailable.




some of my favorite things for healthy recipes and quick meals

Explore Cuisine Edamame Pasta – This grain free pasta is only 7 net carbs and 24 grams of protein per serving.  Grain free, gluten free, high protein and low net carbs make this a great alternative to traditional pasta.




Some of My Favorite things to stock the pantry

The Only Bean – This grain free pasta just like the Explore Cuisine above is made with just one organic bean.  It is super high in protein, low net carbs and a great replacement for traditional pasta.



Some of My favorite things for healthy meals and recipes

Catalina Crunch – Grain free, gluten free, guilt free.  This high protein, high fiber cereal is not only tasty but made with all non-GMO, healthy ingredients.  It is really good as a traditional cereal or as a snack.  It comes in 8 delicious flavors.



Grain Free granola

ProGranola – Grain free, gluten free, guilt free. High protein, low net carbs and low calorie deliciousness.  Enjoy it with some unsweetened nut milk or coconut yogurt for a meal or snack.



Some of My favorite things for snacks and meals; grain free cereal

Vegan ProGranola – This is also grain free, gluten free and guilt free.  The same high protein, low net carbs and even lower in calories cereal option but no animal protein.  This product uses pea protein instead of eggs and also has no flax seed which makes it easier on digestion for some people.  Enjoy it with unsweetened nut milk or coconut yogurt as a meal or snack.


some of my favorite things for healthy meals and snacks

Peanut Butter Cluster ProGranola – If you like peanut butter you might want to try this flavor.  The same high protein, low net carbs and low calorie cereal made with egg whites.  Great anytime for meals or snacks.



some of my favorite things for healthy meals and snacks

ProGranola Chocolate Clusters – Yes there are several of these flavors and this one is also delicious.  The same high protein, low net carbs cereal that gives you lots of crunch and chocolate too.  If you like chocolate this might be the one to try.




some of my favorite things for quick meals and snacks

  Almond Flour  – I use this grain free flour in so many of my recipes.  Almond flour can easily replace regular flour in a recipe to make it grain free.




some of my favorite things for quick meals and snacks

Almond Meal is courser than almond flour and is great for using in recipes like Grain Free Chicken Fingers where you need to replace bread crumbs.  I don’t mind using the almond meal in baking or vice versa so there is not need to have both unless you prefer a more grainy texture for your “breadcrumb” substitute.



Some of my favorite things for quick meals and snacks

Coconut Flour is a fine baking flour but can not be used as a one to one substitution.  It requires a lot more liquid and the consistency of your baked products would be very different if you used just coconut flour.  I use it in combination to the almond flour in my recipes to soften them.


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