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Client Spotlight on Debbie – Key to Successful Weight Loss is Being Ready

Debbie came to me at the very end of February, ready to change her lifestyle. When I met with her for an extensive consultation, she told me about her frustration with her weight but also the health issues that plagued her. At 64, she was ready to make a change. She had such a positive attitude and willingness to make changes, that I felt she was an ideal client for my program and took her on as both a diet and exercise client.

Debbie was suffering from migraines, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and had some osteoporosis and some gut issues (some of which were genetic but some we could tackle). She was overwhelmed, not sleeping well and was binge eating.  We started her on my Two-Week Detox Plan which eliminates inflammatory foods and sugar cravings with quick results. She lost 5.7 lbs. and I want to share with you her comments afterwards:

Debbie’s recap of 2 week Detox Experience:

“This detox experience enabled me to do a “cold turkey” elimination of so many toxic foods and habits that had become an almost mainstay of my daily dietary norm.  Some of the foods and habits that I eliminated were Equal, Coffee-mate, sugar, sweets, “bad carbs”, processed foods, late night eating and binge eating. Another big benefit of this experience was managing portion control.

Since I was really “ready” for this entire program, the big changes I had to make to my eating habits were ones I was willing to do and I did not do them “kicking and screaming”.  Everyone’s “being ready” is different, but for me, it was a game changer.  Additionally, your knowledge and support also made the entry into the Detox Program manageable.  You know your stuff!  I do love food…some of it is not healthy(!!)..but right now, and hopefully for the future…it is more important to me to manage my health and well-being.

I am stepping into the Lifestyle meal plan from the Detox plan.  At the moment, I am somewhere in the middle, but will be fully into Lifestyle by the weekend. Thanks for helping me get started.  I already feel like a new person.  It’s kind of amazing!!

Debbie went on to follow her Lifestyle Plan and today is just 3 lbs. from her goal weight having lost a total of 17 lbs., but the big news is that she also has reported a major decrease in migraines and gut issues. Debbie is sleeping much better, is no longer binge eating and has rid her diet of Equal and almost all processed foods. The suggested food items from my various lists have become mainstays in her nutritional plan.  Debbie has also traveled and done really well using her plan as a guideline even while traveling.

Debbie also began weight training with me and has been lifting weights consistently along with walking daily for over 2 months now. She walks a minimum of 10,000 steps almost every day.

When I asked Debbie what she thinks made this program so successful for her she told me:

1. Being ready! Doing the work! Getting out of bed with a positive attitude! Having a plan!
2. Having proper groceries! Being prepared. Even when traveling, I brought my own snacks. When I got to my destination, I went grocery shopping for my own meals.
3. Being grateful! I am fortunate that I had and have the time to focus on this journey to “right the health wrongs” I have inflicted on my body! I feel so good. Nothing you can eat can feel or taste as good as wonderful health.
4. Mary! Mary is an incredible motivator. She is the real deal. Her knowledge is vast and she really was truthful with me as to what I would need to change.
5. I feel I have learned lifelong principles and habits. My relationship with food has changed.

Debbie continues to amaze me with how she has embraced the change for not just weight loss but to improve her overall health, vitality and longevity. Thanks for sharing with us Debbie and wishing you the best of health always.

Are you looking to transform your health? Mary works with clients all over the country developing personalized nutrition and exercise plans for weight loss and health. If you’re ready to get started on your journey to health and wellness contact her today!

Visit BodyDesigns Two Week Detox Plan or BodyDesignsbyMary for more information.

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