BodyDesigns Lifestyle Diet Plan

A comprehensive plan for weight loss, overall health, and longevity.


First 2 Months: $600

Additional Months: $100 each until goals are met

Step 1:  Initial Consultation – Uncovering the Big Picture

 90-minute deep dive to assess your health, lifestyle, and goals

Cost: $150 (applies to plan if continued)


Comprehensive health assessment

Review of diet, lifestyle, exercise, hormones, supplements, and medications

Education on findings and recommended steps

Personalized plan discussion

Step 2: Metabolic Reset

Begins with 2 month program purchase – $450 ($600-$150 from consultation fee)

Two-week reset using the “BodyDesigns Two-Week Detox Plan.”

Purpose: Reset metabolism, identify inflammatory foods, reduce cravings, detoxify the liver, and start gut healing.


Customized detox plan

Daily coaching via food log app

30-minute consultation at the end to discuss the upcoming challenge and Lifestyle Plan

Step 3: The Challenge

One-week phase to reintroduce foods and identify potential issues.

Purpose: Identify food sensitivities and inflammatory triggers


Gradual reintroduction of foods like gluten and dairy

Daily food logging and feedback

Recommendations to accomodate any changes to diet

Step 4: Lifestyle Diet Plan

Personalized long-term diet plan tailored to individual goals.

Purpose: Create a sustainable, healthy lifestyle and meet personal goals for weight, health and fitness


Customized meal and snack options

Meal timing guidelines

Daily coaching and feedback via food log, email or text during specific times

15-minute check-ins as needed

Duration: 6 weeks to over a year, based on individual progress

Step 5: Maintaining Goals 

Ensuring long-term success and lifestyle integration.


30-minute wrap-up session

Maintenance plan for continued success

Options for follow-up and re-boot if needed

Re-boot Option

For those who fall off track due to life events, re-booting your plan is simple.

Consultation: 60 minutes ($100) – if needed

Monthly Coaching: $100

What to Expect from BodyDesigns Lifestyle Diet Plan

Self-Discovery: Understand your true motivation for a healthier lifestyle.

Root Problem Treatment: Address underlying health and weight issues.

Simplified Nutrition: Clear, actionable steps to navigate nutritional information.

Balance: Sustainable diet and lifestyle changes to avoid endless dieting cycles.

Educated Choices: Make informed decisions about food shopping, recipes, and dining out.

Optimal Timing: Learn about fasting and food timing for your body.

Macro Composition: Tailor your diet’s macronutrient balance to your goals.

Exercise Guidance: Personalized exercise and movement recommendations.

Health Benefits: Potential weight loss and reduction of medications for cholesterol, diabetes, or hypertension.

Focus and Motivation: Stay on track with your health goals.

Longevity and Wellness: Achieve a longer, healthier life with vitality.


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