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Some of My Favorite Things for Healthy Snacks and Bars

I am always on the look out for healthy snacks and bars.  This list is not that long but when I find a new one that fits my approval I will add to it.  Unfortunately, many of the bars and snacks available on the market are full of dangerous artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols.  In addition, many of them are too high in sugar.  But if you find a new one I encourage you to run it by me and I will consider adding it to this list if it fits my criteria.

quionoaLe Pain des Feurs Crispbreads – These come in a variety of flavors.  The traditional cracker aisle is full of boxes containing chemicals, high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated fats and an array of “fake” ingredients we don’t need in our diet.  All of Le pain des Fleurs are 100% organic, gluten free, kosher, GMO free, dairy free, egg free, low fat, cholesterol free, low sodium, vegan and made from only 3 ingredients.  Four large crackers are only 60 calories and 11 net carbs so they are perfect as an addition to a meal or snack.


Brad’s Raw Chips – Brad is a real person who lost 40 lbs. on a raw diet and brads-raw-chips-kaleinvented these chips to satisfy the missing crunch he used to get from chips and crackers.  He started experimenting with raw chips made from fresh vegetables, sprouted flax seeds, fruit nuts, buckwheat groats and an array of spices. He dehydrated the chips, keeping the temperature below 115 degrees, which keeps them a raw food.  These chips are a lifesaver for me as I also miss crunch in my diet a lot.  Check out my Favorite Low Carb Alternative To Grains for more cracker choices by Brad’s and other companies.


Some of My Favorite Things for Snacks and Bars

Feel Bar – This is a grain free, vegan protein bar that comes in a variety of flavors and features all clean, real ingredients.  This bar is all organic, low net carbs and each flavor has some different herbs or compounds that will enhance focus, energy or even sleep.  Each bar has 15 grams of protein and 7 net carbs (5 grams fiber) for around 200 calories.



Some of My Favorite Things for Healthy Snacks and Bars

BTR Bar Nation – These super food bars are all vegan and full of super foods and clean ingredients.  Each flavor has a different superfood but all of the bars are under 170 calories.  They are high fiber, low net carbs and pack in about 7-10 grams of protein.  For a grab and go snack this bar just might become your “go to”.




Some of My Favorite Things for Snacks and Bars

IQ Bar – This tasty bar comes in many flavors.  At 180 calories it makes a hearty snack.  With just 3 net carbs, 1 gram of sugar and 12 grams of plant-based protein this bar could be your next best friend.




Epic All Natural Meat Bars – Variety Sampler -The epic bar is a 100% grass fed animal based protein bar.   Paleo friendly, gluten free, nitrate free and low in sugar this is a healthy alternative to conventional jerky.  These bars are perfect as a traveling protein source for a meal or snack.


Some of my Favorite things for snacks and bars

EPIC Smoked Salmon Strips – If you crave a savory snack you might want to have these wild caught salmon jerky packets on hand.  These are made from wild caught salmon and use only real food ingredients in making their jerky.  For just 80 calories you get 7 grams of protein and 5 grams of carbs to keep you going when hunger hits.



Some of My favorite things for healthy meals and recipes

Catalina Crunch – Grain free, gluten free, high fiber and low net carbs.  This delicious cereal fits well into any Lifestyle plan adding protein to your breakfast or to a snack.  Enjoy it with an unsweetened nut milk or by itself as a snack.



ProGranola – Grain free, gluten free, guilt free. High protein, low net carbs and low calorie deliciousness.  Enjoy it with some unsweetened nut milk or coconut yogurt for a meal or snack.



Some of My favorite things for snacks and meals; grain free cereal

If you are vegan check out the vegan version of Vegan ProGranola which uses pea protein verses eggs as the protein source.




some of my favorite things for healthy meals and snacks

ProGranola Peanut Butter Cluster – If you like peanut butter then this is the one for you.  Yummy peanut taste with an awesome crunch and the same high protein, low net carbs and low calorie cereal.  Great for a snack or meal.



some of my favorite things for healthy meals and snacks

ProGranola Chocolate Clusters – Who said chocolate cereal was just for kids?  This granola, like the others above won’t hurt your clean eating plan and makes a great meal or snack.




Some of My favorite things for snacks and bars

Rhythm Organic Kale Chips – Rhythm foods also makes these crunch kale snacks.  The ingredient list is all real foods and 1/2 packet of these is a perfect 160 calorie snack or a nice addition to your lunch for that added crunch.  Note that some of their products to have inflammatory seed oils but this one is very clean.




Some of My Favorite Snacks and Bars

Siete Potato Chips Siete uses only the highest quality ingredients and oils to make amazing, reasonably prices chips.  This is a potato chip shown as salt and vinegar flavored but they make other flavors too and all of them are made with healthy avocado oil, unlike most chips that use highly inflammatory PUFA’s.  Should you always eat potato chips?  No but when you do make sure they are a healthy choice.



Some of My Favorite Snacks and Bars


Siete Tortilla Chips – Siete makes a variety of super clean tortilla chips also.  Like the potato chips, these should be an infrequent snack but when you do snack choose wisely so you are not putting inflammatory foods into your body.  Check out all the varieties available including Churro Chips.



Some of My Favorite Things for Snacks and Bars

Seapoint Farms Dry Roasted Edamame – These super crunchy, non-GMO soybeans are baked to perfection for a healthy snack or addition to your salad.  Kids will love these too and they add 14 grams of vegan protein to any diet.  For just 130 calories and 3 net carbs per serving, these make a great snack option with only two ingredients – soybeans and sea salt.



Some of my favorite things for snacks and bars

ChocZero’s Keto Bark – While I do love my own easy version of Dark Carob Crisp and Dark Almond Bark, if you need something more portable this is a great option.  Very clean and only 150 calories and 3 net carbs per serving.



Some of My Favorite Things for Snacks and Bars

Evolved Keto Brownie Batter – Evolved makes amazing chocolate with only the purest ingredients and sweetened with monk fruit for a low sugar, chocolate treat.  If you are a chocolate lover this is something to check out for your next craving.  



Some of My favorite things for healthy snacks and bars


Catalina Crunch Keto Snack Mix – Do you miss snack mixes like Chex mix that has that crunchiness with delicious seasonings?  Well look no more for an amazing, low carb, high fiber and healthy substitute.  Another great product from Catalina brand.


Some of My Favorite Things for Snacks and Bars

Catalina Crunch Cookies – These delicious cookies come in a variety of flavors.  Will they replace a traditional Oreo?  Perhaps not but they will come close and help you enjoy a little treat without ruining your clean eating plan.


Some of my Favorite Snacks and Bars

Siete Cookies – Siete makes very clean cookies in 3 flavors however they are not going to be low carb or low calorie.  They are gluten and grain free and make with only the best, real food ingredients and healthy fats.  Great choice for the kids or that once in awhile treat for yourself.



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