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Client Spotlight on Matt – How Having a Baby Changed Everything

Client Spotlight - How Having a Baby Changed Everything

Matt before at 215 lbs.

Matt first asked me to help him lose weight in 2015 after he had gone through a battle with cancer.  At just 25 years of age, his body had changed significantly after the treatments.  He found himself with a good deal of muscle loss and 50 lbs. of hormonal weight gain.  Matt and I worked together on and off for the next 5 years but despite wanting to lose the weight and be healthy, he could not seem to find the drive to keep at it long enough to get sustainable results.

Matt would get disappointed quickly, as he was used to eating whatever he wanted without consequence.  He had a difficult time accepting his new “post cancer” body, which caused a lot of yo-yoing over the years.  He would say things like “If I’m putting in all this work and still do not have my body back, what’s the point?”  He would make progress, sometimes as much as 30 lbs., but then get frustrated and disappointed and give up.  He never seemed to be able to get past that 3-month hurdle.

In July of 2019, Matt came to me and said “this time is different.”  He explained that he was no longer waiting for motivation to strike, but, instead, was “dedicating” himself to improving his health.  The reason?  Matt had just become a father for the first time and was going to be staying home with his beautiful baby boy!  He wanted to be a good role model for his newborn son.  He was at his heaviest, 215 lbs, and was not feeling well.  He was tired, “sluggish,” experiencing a lot of muscle aches and pains, and had difficulty even doing simple things (such as going up and down stairs) because he would feel out of breath.  He even made comments which let me know that he was very uncomfortable carrying around so much visceral fat.

Today Matt weighs in at 170 having lost 45 lbs. in 8 months and maintained it for the past 2 months even with the confinements of social isolation.  He is no longer has muscle aches and pains and is full of energy.  He is gardening, working from home, taking care of his son, cooking meals and extremely satisfied with the life he is building for his family.

Client Spotlight - Having a Baby Changed Everything

Matt today at 170 lbs. holding his inspiration!

When I asked Matt what made him successful this time he told me:

1. First, I was doing it not just for me but for my son.  I want him to grow up healthy and not have the same struggles with food that I have had these pasts few years.

2. Mary and I decided that in the past I always went into it too hard – I was “dieting” rather than making changes to a lifestyle I could live with so this time I took it slow.  First, I cut back on portions then I began to change what I ate along with eating out a lot less.

3. Over time I became more vegetarian, cooking almost all of my meals at home and enjoying trying new recipes, even my own sauces.  I used to eat out a lot so this has been a huge change and one I truly enjoy.

4. I told Mary that I cannot totally give up things like French fries so instead, I cut back on how often I have some of my favorite “cheat” foods, take smaller portions of them and pair them with healthy vegetables and protein.

5. Cutting out the night time snacking was probably the hardest thing to do but once I got out of the habit (yes, it is just a habit), I no longer need it or miss it.

6. Last, I began to move more.  Being home with an infant, I had to work it in around his schedule and find things to do at home.  I started off just bouncing him to some music throughout the day then later added squats with the bouncing.  Slowly, I got my mobility and strength back and felt comfortable enough to work out during his nap times.

I cannot even begin to express how proud I am of Matt.  He has been through a lot for someone who is just 30 years old.  Being a father and wanting to be a good role model was what made Matt finally decide to make this change – not just for him but for his son.  This is such an amazing and inspiring story and I hope it has caught your attention and that you found some motivation to change for your loved ones if you can’t do it for yourself.  Congratulations Matt and best of health always.

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