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Client Spotlight on Ashe – Change Your Mind to Change Your Lifestyle

We have all heard the saying, mind over matter right?  Well, when it comes to weight loss and health it’s no different.  We can keep making excuses or we can just decide that we want to lose weight and be healthy so we will do the work to make it happen.  This line of thought is exactly what lead Ashe to be my next client spotlight.

Ashe first came to me in May of 2020 having just had COVID and with the lockdowns she was feeling ready to get her diet and exercise in order.  What she learned in our first meeting was that she ate a lot of sugar in the form of healthy and not so healthy sources as well as enjoying a bit too much wine (but who didn’t during COVID right!).  She was playing tennis but was not doing any other exercise.  Having just turned 40 she was thinking about her future and ready to make a change.

Client Spotlight on Ashe - Making Up Your Mind to Change Your Lifestyle

Ashe started out strong doing BodyDesigns’ Two-Week Detox Plan and some regular personal training.  She did well on the Detox and found that her carb cravings decreased, and she lost 4 lbs.  She continued with her Lifestyle Plan for many months, planning and prepping meals and lost another 8 lbs.  She reduced inflammation in her body and felt great.

Ashe continued to train with me and get stronger but in time her diet fell back to some of her old habits.  She stopped logging food and being accountable and as her sugar crept back into the diet it was harder to control cravings and she gained back the weight she had lost.  Throughout the next 2 years Ashe really just maintained and although she ate healthier foods she was not being accountable and watching enough to reverse this weight gain.  Her inflammation came back and she no longer felt great.

In June of 2022, after having the most stressful 2 years at work, she made up her mind to finally return to what she had learned from me about how to eat for weight loss and health and to really stick with it for a lifestyle change this time and not just a diet.  Fast forward 4 months and she is now down 21 lbs., has reduced any inflammation in her body, participated in 3 x 5k’s this year, increased her speed on the tennis court, looks amazing and loves her new lifestyle.  Ashe has also lost almost 10% body fat and a total of 12 inches.  This time Ashe looks at is as not a sacrifice but as a gift to herself.  She is not going to be one of those people who regret not taking care of themselves when they get older.

When I asked Ashe what made her successful this time she told me:

1. At the beginning I was strict especially with alcohol for 1 month to really let my body adjust and see progress, but I also told myself this was temporary.  I knew that I was striving for balance not restriction.

2. I found balance by really planning out my cheat meal or nights I wanted to drink a few glasses of wine and I found it was enough.  I felt good the next day and liked having moderation instead of overindulgence.

I have seen Ashe for training 3 times a week during this transition.  She has really leaned out and now shows muscles that she never saw before.  She looks amazing but most of all she feels amazing and she is healthier.  Having some heart disease in the family she knew that getting rid of the internal fat around the abdominal area was key to not just looking good but living well.  Congratulations to Ashe and I hope she inspires everyone to just make up their mind to let food be their medicine.  Wishing her the best of health always.

Are you looking to transform your health? Mary works with clients all over the country developing personalized nutrition and exercise plans for weight loss and health. If you’re ready to get started on your journey to health and wellness contact her today!

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