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Client Spotlight on Elizabeth– Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Elizabeth met with me at the end of September with a goal to lose 30 lbs.  At the age of 56, she found herself on medications for cholesterol, cardiomyopathy and restless legs syndrome. Based on this content, health issues included being a breast cancer survivor(twice) and being diagnosed with pre-diabetes at her last doctors visit.

At her consult with me she was 200 lbs. and not exercising.  Her diet was full of processed and restaurant foods as she was traveling and grabbing food on the go often.  She drank sodas, ate sugary cereal for breakfast, grabbed Taco Bell or McDonald’s for lunch and ate out often for dinner also choosing soda, sweet alcohol drinks and quick foods.

When we talked, I explained our goal to help reduce her weight, cholesterol and blood sugar and she was ready to change.  She loved all the right foods, she just needed some guidance on what to eat and how to handle eating while traveling.

She started out with my Two-Week Detox Program and right off the bat lost 13 lbs.  This boost was enough to motivate her get her started on her Lifestyle Diet Plan.  Her plan gave her choices for eating on the road when she traveled along with many ideas for foods to bring with her to avoid fast foods on the go.

Elizabeth has been consistent with this journey to lose weight and get healthy for 8 months now and she has succeeded her initial goal of 30 lbs.  She changed her goal to 40 lbs. and has recently surpassed that goal too hitting a long time low weight of 157. But what is really the success story here is that Elizabeth changed her habits and has even started an organic garden which is her pride and joy.  She is hoping to get off her cholesterol medication after her next check-up.  Her current diet is full of organic veggies, lean organic protein and healthy fats which are all keeping her lean and healthy.

When I asked Elizabeth, what made her successful she told me:

1. Having health issues was a wakeup call to me to not end up getting cancer again or being a diabetic like my Dad.  The history of illness in my family as well as my own cancer in the past motivated me to make a change.

2. Learning why I was gaining weight and understanding how food interacts with not just my weight but my health was key to me being able to make decisions and behavior changes.

3. Coaching with Mary keeps me accountable and helps me with any situations that arise that might have thrown me off track. I no longer just grab food on the go or order just anything on a menu, I have a plan and I love the new way I eat.

4. My diet plan is a Lifestyle NOT a diet plan and that along with patience and just enjoying my new diet kept me going pound after pound as the weight melted away.

5. Walking and gardening are my exercise and since I enjoy them, I look forward to them and it has been a healthy option for me.

6. A bonus benefit – my husband lost 12 pounds along the way too!

Elizabeth is truly an inspiration of what permanent change and patience can do.  So many people are looking for that “quick” cure and although the Detox helps you jumpstart your program, the Lifestyle Plan is about life and continuing on the journey to not just weight loss but overall health.

Congratulations to Elizabeth and as you continue down this path, I know you will keep the weight off as you have truly made this a lifestyle.  Best of health always!

Are you looking to transform your health? Mary works with clients all over the country developing personalized nutrition and exercise plans for weight loss and health. If you’re ready to get started on your journey to health and wellness contact her today!

Visit BodyDesigns Two Week Detox Plan or BodyDesignsbyMary for more information.

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