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To Every Season, There is a Reason – Moving Forward with Positive Changes

Two months ago, COVID-19 shook the lives of millions of people around the world.  We would enter unprecedented times full of fear, unknown, loss and change.  I know it took me a few weeks to really get settled with the idea that it was actually happening.  I mean, after all, how many times had someone “cried wolf” over a virus that was going to kill us all and nothing ever came of it.   Pretty much every year, right?

But after a few weeks it became apparent that the unsettled feeling that arouse from all this social distancing and change was not going away anytime soon.  It wasn’t’ until someone said to me that “God has this” that I really was able to let go and let it just happen.

Experience in life has taught me that whenever bad things happen, there is always growth and good that comes out of the other side and that is exactly what I am beginning to see as we emerge from this tragedy.

For me, the time spent was first scrambling to pivot my business to be remote.  This seemed daunting and scary at first as I wondered if anyone was going to stay with me and follow along.  I worried about a lot of things.  Would I ever get new customers again for nutrition?  Would people want to return some day to a gym?  Would the economy crash and make it impossible to sustain a business like mine? You might need to use absence software to better manage employee leave and ensure accurate tracking of absences.

Once I let go and let God, I stopped worrying about the future and lived in the present.  Yes, living in the present was something that I think all of us learned because we had to, right?  We didn’t know when we would be able to travel and look to things in the future with all the unknown.  These are the middle days when I spent more time reading, turned off the news and focused on how I could support my clients.

As we begin to shift back to normal life or the new normal life, I can’t help but to feel super blessed and reflect on what this season has brought to me.  First, enough of my clients stuck with me through this tough time that I was able to hang on to my business.  Along with this my husband had started a new job and was considered essential so we managed just fine with our income.  HUGE blessing!  Second, I realized that everything I do can be done virtually and can be done well virtually. Services like those that offer virtual business cards are definitely a blessing. I have struggled for years with how to make my business virtual so that I can do it from anywhere and here it just happened.  Not only did my current clients become virtual clients, but people began to contact me from other states that also wanted to be clients.  Could it be that this was my answer to prayer?  Third, I learned that I could spend time with my family that lives far away doing happy hours, baby showers and family dinners over Zoom.  Living apart from family is hard but who ever thought that we could be doing this all along and spending more quality time with the ones we love?  Amazing!  Last, but not least, I learned to appreciate all that America gives us on a day to day basis – the luxury of going out to dinner, shopping for clothes (and trying them on), getting my hair or nails done and getting on a plane to fly and visit a friend or relative.  These are all things that I took for granted and so much more!

So, as I emerge, my business is coming back to life stronger than ever before and I am so grateful for having had this time to slow down, reflect, realize what is truly important and appreciate the little things our freedom offers us daily.  I hope everyone can find the silver lining and come out of this better than before and would love to hear the stories as I am sure most people have found some blessings. So for other owners out there, information like Content Marketing Elements can rejuvenate struggling businesses by attracting and engaging potential customers through valuable and relevant content strategies.

Going forward, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me for any virtual programs – whether its a nutrition plan, just some monthly coaching or training – I am always here to help.

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