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How to Lose Weight As a Busy Working Mom

Genille started training with me at the end of last summer with a goal to lose weight quickly for a cruise she would go on last fall but her bigger goal was to get in shape for her 40th birthday this past February.   Although she met her goals rather quickly, I am just now getting around to bragging about her great success!

When I first met Genille she was working a crazy schedule with a combination of days and nights and since she is also a mom to two young boys she was just as busy with her “other” job of being a Mom.  She had and still does have a tough schedule and was in a pattern of putting herself last.  Although she belonged to a gym, the membership was not being utilized.  Her diet was often on the go with fast food and skipped meals.

Genille signed up for Personal Training and a Personal Lifestyle Diet Plan.

Genille started with me at 160 lbs and a body fat of 35.5%.  Within 4 months she had lost 20 lbs, over 10 inches and 7% body fat!  She met her goal despite the many factors that made it pretty tough.  Genille had to get into the habit of planning meals and snacks in advance so she could take them with her for her day or night shifts.  She has completely stopped eating fast foods and follows a healthy diet. Despite the long hours, she manages to fit in 2 weight training sessions per week with me and a few additional cardio classes at the gym.

When I asked Genille what helped her the most in her success she told me:

1. Planning my meals and snacks so I avoid eating out is key.  If I get stuck without a snack I’m in trouble!
2. Being accountable to someone for my workouts is important since I am often very tired from working double shifts that I would have skipped it if I didn’t have a commitment
3. Keeping a food log to see where my calories were coming from which also taught me a lot about food composition so I can make the right choices most of the time
4. Knowing that my children are also eating healthier and that I’m teaching them good habits at the same time

Genille continues to work with me and is doing great!  Congratulations Genille on changing your lifestyle and meeting your goals!

Are you looking to transform your health? Mary works with clients all over the country developing personalized nutrition and exercise plans for weight loss and health. If you’re ready to get started on your journey to health and wellness contact her today!

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