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How To Reverse Fatty Liver and Diabetes with Exercise in 8 Weeks

I’ve wanted to spotlight this client for quite some time now but at her request we waited until she lost even more weight!  Lucy has had tremendous success so I want to share her story with you in hopes that it will motivate you to make those changes necessary for a healthier you.*

Lucy came to me in early December telling me that her doctor told her she needed to lose weight and start exercising.  At 58 years of age Lucy had found herself pre-diabetic and hypertensive.  She was also diagnosed with non-alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver (fatty liver) and high cholesterol.  She already needed medication for hypertension and the doctor threatened to put her on diabetes medication if she didn’t lose the weight Lucy had a family history of heart disease and she was ready to make a change.

Lucy signed up for my Lifestyles Weight Management System which allowed her to see me once a week and do the rest of the program online.  I posted workouts, followed her food logs and coached her through lifestyle changes.

With the holidays approaching, Lucy had a slow start with the diet and exercise but she wrote everything down in a diet journal and she began to feel better and see results right away.  I remember after just a few weeks Lucy telling me she couldn’t believe how much better she felt by eating right and exercising.  This was her motivation to continue!  Who doesn’t want to feel good all the time?

Lucy started at 158 lbs and 33.7% body fat.  Like I said she was on medications for diabetes and hypertension.  In the first 7 weeks, Lucy lost 17 lbs!  This was amazing and was really beyond what we had hoped.  In addition she was gaining muscle so the fat loss was even greater.  At this time I was so impressed I wanted to spotlight her but she insisted on seeing her doctor first and getting some good news on her lab results.

At 16 weeks, Lucy weighed in having lost 24 lbs total and 10% of her body fat bringing her into the excellent range for body fat at 22.6% total!  This was all so incredible that she saw her doctor and he took her off her medications!  All her blood work is within normal ranges including her liver levels! Lucy is now 21 weeks into her new lifestyle program and she has lost a total of 28 lbs.  Her recent purchase of a size 6 jeans were a milestone and only one of the many new purchases she has to make as she builds herself a new wardrobe for her smaller self.

When I ask Lucy what contributed to her success she tells me:

1. Definitely keeping my food journal and counting calories was essential; it really showed me where all the calories were coming from!
2. Working out made me feel stronger and motivated me to keep going; I am now able to lift my granddaughter with no effort!
3. My joints are so much stronger – working out has gotten rid of aches and pains that I attributed to aging.

Lucy’s husband seeing her success began his program 8 weeks ago.  Despite having to travel for work and live in hotels where he eats out all the time, he has already lost 15 lbs. and feels great.

Are you looking to transform your health? Mary works with clients all over the country developing personalized nutrition and exercise plans for weight loss and health. If you’re ready to get started on your journey to health and wellness contact her today!

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