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Client Spotlight on Jennifer – A Vegetarian Diet for Weight Loss and Gut Health

Jennifer first came to me in the beginning of August wanting to lose about 10 lbs. but also to feel better.  She was struggling with fatigue and severe gut issues.  At age 47, she was motivated to feel better and get her gut healthy in the process.

When I did a deep dive into her dietary patterns I found that she was a vegetarian that was eating far too many processed foods such as bars, chips, drinking soda, energy drinks and overall eating far too many calories from carbohydrates without enough vegetables or protein in her diet.  Her exercise habits were pretty good, although she lacked resistance training which is important as we get older.

Jennifer was motivated to start with BodyDesigns Two-Week Detox Plan and in doing so she lost 9 lbs.  bringing her almost to her goal weight in just the first two weeks of eating clean.  She continued with her Lifestyle Diet Plan and has continued to lose weight and exceeded her initial goal by losing an additional 17 lbs. in the next few months for a total of 26 pounds lost. She also lost 9 inches from her waistline.

Her current diet is full of vegetables, healthy grains and organic sources of vegetarian protein.  She now gets her protein each day as well as her fiber.  The weight loss has been amazing but the best result has been the improvement in her gut health.  She no longer struggles with digestive issues.

When I asked Jennifer to share with me her feelings on what helped her achieve not just her weight loss goal but how she is feeling today she told me:

1. After the Detox Plan I lost a good deal of weight but I also felt my gut improve and I was no longer constantly fatigued.  When I challenged food I realized that it wasn’t so much the gluten or dairy that bothered me but some of my other habits that needed to go such as the soda, flavored creamer in my coffee and processed granola bars.

2. Having the daily accountability to Mary really helped me to stay on track and have someone to ask questions and guide me in this journey.

Jennifer is a great example of someone who thought they were doing their body good by eating vegetarian but vegetarians need to be careful and really choose their foods wisely.  A vegetarian diet has no room for soda, processed bars and snack foods.  It is important that meals are planned to include enough protein, fiber and healthy fats to avoid weight gain and health issues.

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Jennifer is now maintaining her weight loss and learning to balance some holiday cheat meals with her new healthy lifestyle diet.  I wish her the best of health always as she continues to maintain her weight loss and follow her new lifestyle diet plan.

Are you looking to transform your health? Mary works with clients all over the country developing personalized nutrition and exercise plans for weight loss and health. If you’re ready to get started on your journey to health and wellness contact her today!

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