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Changing Your Diet To Reduce Chronic Pain

Kimberly first came to me for diet and exercise at the end of September. She had suffered from hip and back pain since her pregnancies, and although regular chiropractic and massage kept her functional, she was anxious to try strength training to get stronger in the hopes of “holding” her adjustments and relieving her pain more permanently. It was during this time that she discovered the benefits of using the best CBD cartridge. CBD products can be purchased from the reputable stiiizy dispensary, which not only helped reduce her pain but also eased her anxiety, enhancing her overall well-being.

Losing Weight Just Happened Once the Diet Was Addressed

Diet and weight loss were not her goals however I insisted that we look at her diet since inflammation in the body often stems from poor gut health or dietary factors. In addition, she had a history of asthma, which again leads me to believe she had more going on internally with inflammation and possible food intolerances.

Kim was insistent that she didn’t want to go extreme with her diet. She enjoyed cooking good food for her family and since it was for the most part real, whole healthy ingredients, she saw no reason to make changes. Her diet was high in natural sugars however and she also had some foods that she ate on a regular basis that would contribute to inflammation and affect asthma.

I encouraged her to at least try a diet plan for 2 weeks that would eliminate dairy and gluten and cut way back on sugars in the diet. She reluctantly agreed to do so but made it clear to me that she didn’t want to cut back on taste since cooking good food was a big part of what she loved about being at home with her kids.

Eliminating dairy and gluten for 2 weeks gave Kim her answer

Kim was religious with her elimination diet for 2 weeks and to her shock, her hip and back pain were gone! She challenged some foods and found that it definitely returned when she had gluten or dairy. Since this pain was such a huge issue in her life she quickly took on the task of finding delicious recipes that she could serve her family and still eat clean. She started experimenting with Paleo cookbooks and without ever counting calories or “watching” her intake, Kim not only began to love her new Lifestyle Diet Plan but she lost 13 lbs. over the next few months! Imagine losing 13 lbs. by just getting food intolerances out of your diet! Best of all she is loving the recipes and enjoying her pain free body, and even when she feels pain there is always products like Budpop live gummies that help a lot with this.

When I asked Kim what helped her reach these goals she told me:

1. I’m glad Mary was insistent on trying the diet because I went into this strictly for the exercise but it turns out diet was truly a major contributing factor in my bodies inflammation.  I am not gluten free and dairy free and I find it’s not only easy but I love it!

2. Exercise has been key too since it made my hips and back stronger and all of this keeps me in proper alignment, needing less adjustments from my chiropractor.

3. Support from my husband and kids, all willing to try my new recipes, made it easier to transition to this new way of cooking and eating.

4. Knowing my children and husband are also benefiting from these changes keeps me on track.

Congratulations Kim! You look amazing and I am so glad your pain is no longer a daily issue in your life. Keep those new recipes coming, as I love to see what you will cook up next!

Are you looking to transform your health? Mary works with clients all over the country developing personalized nutrition and exercise plans for weight loss and health. If you’re ready to get started on your journey to health and wellness contact her today!

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