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Weight Loss Success With a Group

When you find the right people, group fitness training can be highly motivational and fun! Helen, Laura and Sonya are the perfect example of how three ladies met or even exceeded their fitness goals working out as a group.*

They each happened upon this situation in a different way, which isn’t important for the story, but what is important to know is that the success rate of their weight loss and fitness levels increased dramatically when they started working together as a group. This is no coincidence as I’ve watched each of them push themselves harder and take on more challenges with both diet and fitness as they developed this camaraderie amongst themselves.

Each participant has not only become fit but has also lost weight. They have all done BodyDesigns Two-Week Detox Plan with amazing success. Each of the ladies has a little different story with the same result – success!

Helen first started training with me privately and although she got stronger we never saw too much weight loss. When she asked me about training with other people I mentioned a group I was trying to start. Once I put Helen in this group I saw incredible improvements in both strength and her diet. I asked Helen to tell me about her secret to success and she told me:

“Once I finally realized that I wasn’t meeting my goals on my own, I asked Mary about training in a group. I started in this group and found that it pushed me to be in the best shape and healthiest ever! I was more diligent with my diet and did the Detox Plan losing 6 lbs. and continued to lose more weight as I became accountable to the scale each day, continued my workouts and paid much more attention to eating healthy. I love making Mary’s recipes along with other new ones and follow a gluten free diet that has changed my health in so many ways.”

Helen is truly a motivation to us all! It has been so gratifying to watch her make improvements over the past year.

Sonja also started training with me alone and although she got stronger, she struggled to make the diet changes necessary to get to that next level. Once Sonja started in a group setting, I saw her blossom in both strength and her interest in changing her diet. Sonja lost 3 lbs. on the Detox Plan which is less than most people, however she claims it was the ending to her sugar cravings and has allowed her to continue and lose a total of 18 lbs.! Sonja told me the following when I asked about her experience group training:

“I am motivated to eat wisely and exercise so I can stay healthy and live longer for my 5 kids, ages 6-17, and to also be a good example to them about their health and lifestyle choices. I have more energy to keep up with my very active family. It is gratifying to have more muscle tone and be slimmer after going through five pregnancies. It’s fun to go shopping for new clothes! I can wear smaller sizes than I have been able to wear in years. I feel more energetic, stronger, and more confident in how I look than I have in years. Working out with Mary and my two workout partners keeps me accountable to my fitness regimen. We push each other to work out harder and we also enjoy the camaraderie. I never want to miss a workout because it’s time that’s just for me, away from my job as a wife and mother. Logging my food helped me gain an understanding of how quickly calories add up. For a long time, I had the mentality that having a cheat food was cheating on Mary, but I realized that I was cheating on myself. I choose my food more deliberately now. I weigh myself each day so that I can see more easily how my diet affects my weight. I continue to eat healthy and feed my family healthy using many of Mary’s recipes in my everyday cooking.”

Sonja is amazing with all that she juggles and is proof that finding time for your own health and wellness is key to being able to take care of everyone else.

Our final group participant to start with us was Laura. Laura found out about the group through Sonja and joined up a little later. Laura was already exercising on her own and she was quick to push herself to “catch up” to her companions and surprised us all with the energy she brought to the group. I’d say that Laura embraced the diet changes first and was key to motivating Helen and Sonja. She completed the Detox Plan and lost 5 lbs. but most of all began a new way of eating. When I asked Laura what motivates her she told me the following:

“What motivates me to make changes is looking in the mirror I feel better about myself, I like the way the clothes fit, I feel lighter, more energetic, and over all in better shape. My husband and son, and then my workout team , Sonja and Helen and of course you Mary, are the ones that help me meet my weight loss and fitness goal – by being there for me and encouraging me at all my workouts and at home.”

Laura keeps the group hopping with her energy and as I mentioned above I think she is a key factor in motivating the others to make the changes in diet that has lead to such success not only in weight loss but in health and vitality.

Working out with a partner or a close group is a great way to get in shape and bring your fitness and health to the next level. The most important thing to remember when choosing someone to workout with is to make sure they are dedicated to being there for you both physically and mentally. This group works great together and never misses sessions unless they are out of town and that is the most important factor to having a successful group training experience. Keep up the good work Helen, Sonja and Laura – you guys are truly inspirational and you look amazing!

Are you looking to transform your health? Mary works with clients all over the country developing personalized nutrition and exercise plans for weight loss and health. If you’re ready to get started on your journey to health and wellness contact her today!

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