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How To Lose That Stubborn Muffin Top

People come to me for all kinds of reasons.  Most of my clients want to lose weight and have health issues but every once in awhile I get a client who is already fit and just wants to lose that little bit of extra stubborn fat.

  If you can relate to this then you definitely want to read about Bill’s story and how he came to realize some truths about his diet and exercise program that surprised him.

Bill called me at the beginning of February wanting to know if I could help him lose those last few stubborn pounds that sat around his waist giving him a tiny muffin top.  He was hesitant to hire me because he really felt like he knew what to eat and was already on a good exercise program.  What else could I possibly offer Bill that he hadn’t already tried?

I offered to have him come in for a complimentary evaluation so I could determine if Bill really was eating and exercising “right”.  What he found out at this consult was that he had a lot of work to do on the diet and his exercise program was also not pushing him as hard as he needed to be pushed to get to that next level of fitness.

When Bill told me what he was eating I was not surprised to see that what he thought was healthy was really a lot of processed, quick to grab foods and often times even a fast food restaurant where he was making a “good” choice.  Bill was starting his day out with either a processed protein bar, cereal which is all carbs or a fast food quick grab from Chick Fil A.  He continued to grab quick snacks and meals of processed jerky, cheese, and deli meats along with more protein bars and yogurt made with artificial sweeteners.  In addition, he loved his Diet Coke, which we know can pack on the pounds.  His one healthy meal each day was dinner, which generally consisted of lean proteins and salads or vegetables.  In essence, Bill was a typical American who thought he was eating right, grabbing the foods packaged to make us believe they are healthy for us but in reality he was missing essential nutrients found in real food and taking in a lot of chemicals.

When it came to exercise, Bill was hitting the gym about 4 days a week doing a program that called for only 5 exercises each time.  He would sit in between sets and wait a minute before repeating the exercise.  This “old school” way of training doesn’t burn as many calories as a circuit type training where you keep your body moving, resting one body part as you work another.  This saves time and keeps your heart rate up burning more calories in each session.

Bill signed up for my Lifestyles Weight Management System, an 8-week program where he would learn how to eat and exercise to achieve his goals.

Bill was open to changing the diet with some reluctance about giving up his occasional fast food.  Being in a work-from-home job, going out for a fast food breakfast a couple of times a week was an enjoyable break from the routine of being in the house all week long when he wasn’t traveling.  He was open to getting out the processed foods, replacing Diet Coke with Zevia, adding more healthy fats and replacing his store bought protein bars with homemade bars and grainless muffins.  Bill took the diet to heart and logged his food being accountable to the plan.  He admits that he was never 100% on the plan but made significant changes.

For exercise, I taught Bill how to circuit train keeping his heart rate up.  He quickly realized that his workouts were not intense enough.  In addition, I had him add a cardio routine doing a Peak 8 a few times a week to help increase human growth hormone and assist with his fat loss goal.

Bill started with me at 6 feet tall and 163 pounds.  He was not overweight by any means but he did have a body fat of 17.9% so we had a little play in what he could lose as a healthy, fit body fat for his age was about 12-13%.  At the end of 8 weeks, Bill lost only 5 lbs. on the scale but he gained an inch in his chest and lost an inch in his waist.  His body fat went from 17.9% to 13.7% a loss of 4 % in only 8 weeks!  He achieved his goal of reducing his love handles and finished the program satisfied and knowing that his diet was a big part of this transformation.  Although it can’t be measured, we are sure Bill also gained muscle, which was another goal.

When I asked Bill what helped him most in meeting his goal he said:

1.  Getting off the processed food made a world of difference.  I didn’t realize all the chemicals I was putting into my body.

2.  Being accountable to a program and logging my food helped me to “see” what I was really eating and to stay on track.

3.  Making Mary’s recipes made it easier to find the time to cook and prepare foods.

4.  Learning how to exercise at a higher intensity was important in helping me burn more calories in a workout.

5.  I have not been 100% yet with the diet but saw such great results just from the very easy changes I made.  I know if I can take it to the next step and really do the program 100% I can lose that little extra love handle that still wants to hang around.

Congratulations Bill on really making the lifestyle changes and not just “going on” a diet.  Keep up the good work!

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