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Stress and menopause caused a 45 lb. weight gain

Mary Ann first came to me in late November frustrated with finding herself at 57 years old, 45 lbs. overweight, with high cholesterol. She had always been a runner, worked out and prided herself on staying in shape. Life stressors, along with menopause, set her into a bad pattern of eating and a sedentary lifestyle. The resulting weight, health issues and poor blood work results were her final wake-up call to make some changes.

Her diet was mostly processed and quick grab items

Mary Ann’s diet was not good. She thought she was eating healthy cereal, pre-packaged protein shakes and high fiber crackers, but what she was really eating was a lot of processed food with chemicals and sugar. Living alone, Mary Ann just wasn’t taking the time to cook; meals were eaten out or were quick processed grab’s like chips, cereal and sweets.

Eating processed foods and sugar left her with no energy to workout. She loved to workout but her motivation was gone after a long day at work. She had time in the morning but didn’t bother to get up early enough to get to the gym. Her years of dedication to working out just disappeared as the weight piled on.

MaryAnn choose to do a diet and exercise plan

Mary Ann told me if she had specific direction she would follow it exactly as I recommended. She also loved good, nutritious food and was willing to make the time to cook meals.  She choose to do my combination program called Lifestyles Weight Management System which combined personal training, online training and nutrition.   I started her out my Two Week Detox Plan, followed by a permanent Lifestyle Diet Plan and exercise. She worked with me once a week in my gym and did her posted workouts on her own at the gym.

After 2 months her weight was down 20 lbs. and cholesterol down 100 points!

Mary Ann logged her food and did her workouts religiously. After the Two Week Detox Plan she had lost 7 lbs. and completely reversed any sweet cravings she was having at the time. She also noticed a significant reduction in inflammation of her joints. She went right into her Lifestyle Diet Plan and continued to lose weight each week. At the 2-month mark she saw her doctor and weighed in 20 lbs. lighter and her cholesterol had dropped 100 points into a healthy range! WOW! I think that was one of the most amazing results I’ve ever seen.

Mary Ann repeated the Lifestyles Program for a few more rounds and ended up losing over 30 lbs., increasing her strength and endurance and has since run several races. She continues to cook healthy each week and loves her new lifestyle.

When I asked Mary Ann what helped her most to be so successful she told me:

1.  Working with Mary entirely changed my relationship with food. I used to pride myself on ‘not caring’ about food (I’m not a ‘foodie’). What that translated to was that I didn’t take the time and care to nourish my body with real food. Instead, I grabbed packaged foods for convenience, thinking I was being smart by consuming processed protein shakes and bars. Mary introduced me to delicious recipes and foods that made eating healthy enjoyable and made cooking fun. Planning, grocery shopping and cooking certainly take time, but that’s the investment and commitment required for good health. And I am committed to eating this way for life, without feeling like I’m giving up the pleasure of delicious, satisfying food.

2.  Logging my food was an eye-opening experience. I had no idea I was eating so many carbohydrates hidden in my foods. I love how logging my food keeps me accountable, even when I log a ‘cheat’ meal. I recently went on vacation, didn’t log my food and gained 5 pounds, but then dropped those 5 pounds – and more — in less than a week by getting back to logging.

3.  The educational part of my program was a major factor in my success. Mary taught me about the chemicals hidden in the foods I was eating and about the nutritional value of real foods. Learning that made me want to choose real food over processed food. Now it’s fun to discover healthy ways to ‘remake’ my favorite recipes with real ingredients. I also learned that eating a balance of protein, fat, and carbs at every meal is the key to satiation.

Congratulations Mary Ann on an amazing transformation for not just your body but your health. I have no doubts that you will continue to lose the last few pounds and keep it off for life.

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Are you looking to transform your health? Mary works with clients all over the country developing personalized nutrition and exercise plans for weight loss and health. If you’re ready to get started on your journey to health and wellness contact her today!

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