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Jodie came to me late in January of this year wanting to lose weight and get healthy.  She was struggling with gut issues, depression and anxiety and had Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune thyroid disorder.  Since gut issues are all related to her health issues and possibly her weight, focusing on gut health was definitely going to be a big priority.

When evaluating her diet, I found that she was often skipping breakfast and eating a diet high in unhealthy fats, carbohydrates and sugar and low in fiber, vitamins and minerals.  The good news was that she loved most healthy foods, she just wasn’t taking the time to prepare them in advance so she would end up with poor processed choices.  By not eating enough fiber and including gluten in her diet she was making her gut issues worse which feeds into the Hashimoto’s as well as the brain chemistry.

Her exercise was very little at the time but she was motivated to start a program and agreed to add in weight training and cardio.  Exercise is also very important for brain chemistry so adding this to her routine would be critical for overall health as well as weight loss.

Jodie started working with me in January and set a goal to lose 45 lbs., eat higher quality foods to fix gut issues, remove gluten for the Hashimoto’s and begin an exercise program.  She started with BodyDesigns Two-Week Detox Plan and lost 9 lbs.  After the Detox she began her Lifestyle Diet Plan and continued to lose for a total of 30 lbs.  At this point, Jodie struggled to be as consistent with her healthier diet but managed to find a balance between diet and exercise that allowed her to maintain her weight loss.  Still shy of that last 15 lb. goal, she found that she liked the balance of having a bit less restriction and settling for a bit higher weight.

To lose 30 lbs. in less than 4 months is a huge accomplishment.  In addition, to go from eating a very poor quality diet to really learning how to eat real food, taking time to prepare foods and making better choices while out is a win in my book.  Perfection is not always the goal as long as we have improved our health status which I’m sure has been the case.

When I asked Jodie what made her successful and how did her goals change over time she told me:

1. Being accountable to a log and having Mary coach me daily was an eye opener as I really learned more about food and what was going into my body each day.

2. Having easy recipes to prepare made it possible to find the time and having food on hand helped me to stick to a clean eating plan.

3. Exercise was a huge addition for me. I started playing Pickleball and working with a trainer in addition to walking more steps and found I really enjoyed being more active.

4. As time went on I began to want to go back to some old habits and found that despite triggering gut issues I was able to maintain my weight with some cheats.

5. I found that I really didn’t want to be as strict as I needed to be to meet the original goal however I felt good and looked good at my current weight and I have been able to maintain it without feeling deprived.

Jodie told me that she plans to continue with the balance she has found between healthy food with some occasional cheats that allow her to socialize and enjoy some foods that she was not willing to completely cut from her diet.  I love that she has a good attitude towards food and is not feeling bad about her choices but rather celebrating her amazing accomplishment.  As she continues on her health journey, I am confident that she will maintain her weight and continue to improve her health in the future.

Are you looking to transform your health? Mary works with clients all over the country developing personalized nutrition and exercise plans for weight loss and health. If you’re ready to get started on your journey to health and wellness contact her today!

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