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Below are a few of my favorite things for the home.


some of my favorite things for the home

Bathroom Scale – This is my favorite scale because its accurate and inexpensive.   The scale measures in .1 lb. increments so you can see exactly how your weight is changing each day, while if you have other issues in your bathroom, using a plumbing snake can be the best option for you. If you need help from an expert, contact a plumber in Adelaide.



inversionInversion Table This is a great value for the price.  These tables to reduce back stress, fatigue or improve circulation.  The INNOVA Health inversion table makes a great household accessory.  The table can also help with such areas as increasing body flexibility for improved athletic performance, reducing the effects of aging due to gravity, and relieving lower backaches due to sitting or standing.


diffuserAromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser  – Diffusing essential oils throughout your home or workplace not only smells amazing but essential oils have some amazing health benefits.  I really love this one because its inexpensive, looks pretty (changes colors) and works great.  I use one in my gym and have others around my home.


tensiReliev TENS and EMS Machine Combo  – TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and is a safe, non-invasive pain relief used by many chiropractors and physical therapists.  EMS is Electrical Muscle Stimulation and causes muscle contractions using electrical impulses.  EMS helps with muscle recovery from overuse or strains.  Easy to use and comes with everything you need.  This one has 25 levels of intensity, 5-60 minute timer, lock function, dual channel and is very portable.  If you or someone in your family is very active or into sports this is a great tool to have in the home to assist in a quicker recovery from overuse injuries. Meanwhile, if you only want to bet on sports, then sites like 겜블시티 are now open.


Some of my Favorite Things for the Home

Ekrin Massage Gun – I just love this lightweight massage gun.  It fits comfortably in my hand and is not heavy so I can use it longer without discomfort.  It packs a powerful punch for a lightweight.  It comes in a small carrying case and the battery lasts for days, even when not in use.  It has 3 speeds and 5 attachments to hit every area of your body.  This is a must have for every home.


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