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Client Spotlight on Alexis – Preventing Diabetes with Lifestyle Change

Alexis came to me at the end of February looking to lose weight.  At 22 years old she was on her way to becoming a diabetic, constantly felt bloated and was gaining weight quickly.  Her goal was to lose 50 lbs. and get healthy.

When I did a deep dive into her eating habits, I found that she often skipped breakfast or started her day with a high fat meal of eggs and pork sausage.  Lunch would usually be her first meal and it was always out grabbing something at Publix.  She tried to keep lunch light also having a salad but the prepared salads she grabbed were full of high sodium processed meats and cheese along with high calorie dressings.  Dinner was out every night and was fast food more often than not.

Although she was not exercising, she had access to a full gym and wanted to start getting into a routine.  She had been active in high school and cutting out exercise was one of the reasons her weight had gone up so much during college.

Alexis started out with my Two-Week Detox Plan and lost 13 lbs. to help motivate her and get her ready for her Lifestyle Plan.  She jumped right into her plan and was consistent with logging food daily.  Even though she still has more work to do on the exercise goals, Alexis has lost 27 lbs. putting her halfway to her goal.  More than the weight loss however is the fact that she now eats real food that she prepares at home and feels great.  I feel confident that she will continue to lose at a steady rate since she truly made this a lifestyle and not a diet.

When I asked Alexis, what helped her most to be successful she told me:

1. Being educated was key to my success. I had never really been accountable to my eating before and wasn’t aware of what I needed to do to be healthy.

2. Mary’s You Tube channel has lots of videos that really helped me with grocery shopping, learning about sugar and how it affects our health, where it is in our diet and how to avoid it etc. as well as recipes that show the meal being made.

3. Daily coaching with Mary, asking questions and making changes if I had areas to improve upon has taught me so much about nutrition and health.  I feel like I now know how to approach this in a healthy way that will work.

4. I still need to work on exercise but Mary’s motivation keeps me working in the right direction with that also.

This was a huge lifestyle change for Alexis and at 22 years old she really had to embrace it and want it for it to work.  She lost this weight while still having a social life, spending time with family and having some time away on short trips.  I’m so proud of her and how she has embraced it with such a positive attitude.  Wishing Alexis the best of health always as she continues her journey to reach her final goal.

Are you looking to transform your health? Mary works with clients all over the country developing personalized nutrition and exercise plans for weight loss and health. If you’re ready to get started on your journey to health and wellness contact her today!

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