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Client Spotlight on Gabriela – How to Start Eating Healthy as a Family

Gabriela came to me a few months ago looking to make some changes not just for her own health but for her whole family.  At 31 years old, Gabriela felt tired caring for a 2 and 4 year and didn’t really know how or what to cook to keep her family healthy.

Gabriela was not overweight but after 2 pregnancies she felt “soft” and wanted to lose a few pounds to get back to her pre-pregnancy weight.  She decided to sign up for some personal training sessions along with a Lifestyle Diet Plan.  Part of her plan included helping her with suggestions for not just her own goals but healthy meals and snack ideas for the kids too.

Her diet, as well as her families, consisted of quick breakfast foods like bagels or waffles, boxed juices, skipping lunch and grabbing snacks like gummies and finding quick, prepared foods to pop in the oven for dinner.  She was eating way too much sugar and the kids were following in her path with sugary snacks that didn’t provide any nutritional value.  Gabriela realized that if she didn’t learn how to prepare healthy meals for her kids that they were going to go down a path that would lead to health problems.

The great thing about Gabriela is that she really liked a lot of good foods and her kids also were not picky eaters.  Gabriela embraced the idea of cooking and planning her meals and snacks and started making my recipes nightly.  We switched out the breakfast “white” foods for some higher protein and fiber options.  She stopped skipping lunch and took the time to eat a balanced meal.  Within a very short period of time she found herself with great energy and looking forward to eating healthy.  She followed her Lifestyle Diet Plan and logged her food daily to take advantage of the Nutrition Coaching that came with her program.  She embraced my recipe book, trying new recipes several times a week, and cooking became something she was no longer afraid of but something she enjoyed.

Unlike many of my clients, Gabriela didn’t have a lot of weight to lose.  She had always had a great metabolism so she thought she could eat whatever she wanted and didn’t realize how much it was affecting other aspects of her life such as her energy levels and sleep.  Fast forward just 3 months later and she and her husband have made the switch to eating real food.  Gabriela is back to her pre-pregnancy weight which makes her happy but the real prize is that she has learned how to cook and how to feed her family so they can all live well.

When I asked Gabriela, what helped her make these changes she told me:

1. When Mary met with me to talk about my diet, she really spent the time to educate me about sugar and processed foods and the consequences these foods could have to the health of not just me but my husband and kids.

2. The plan she gave me included options for healthy kids’ snacks, quick dinners when I don’t have time to cook and lots of clean and easy recipes along with breakfast and lunch ideas that are quick to put together.

3. Feeling better right away, I knew that my diet had been the main reason I was feeling so tired; I was actually undernourished and not getting the vitamins and minerals I needed for my body to have the energy it needed to run.

4. Watching Mary’s video on YouTube called Sugar: Killing Us Sweetly was also very enlightening and again helped me to make the changes.

5. I no longer crave constant sweets. I have options for some sweet treats that are healthier worked into the plan and if I want something I have it but I make sure I also get my nutrition in my meals to keep my body running strong.

Congratulations Gabriela!  You are truly a model for every mother out there.  Americans are raising their children on fast food and the consequences are going to be very costly to their future health.  I commend you on helping not just yourself but your whole family make these changes for a healthy life.  Wishing you the best of health always!

Are you looking to transform your health? Mary works with clients all over the country developing personalized nutrition and exercise plans for weight loss and health. If you’re ready to get started on your journey to health and wellness contact her today!

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