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Client Spotlight on Carolyn – 73 Years Young

Carolyn came to me in mid-December with a goal to increase muscle, burn fat, strengthen her
back and improve her gut health. She also had a skin issue where her ears itched and no one
was able to really figure out why or how to clear it up but she just happened to mention it
so I added it to her goals. Her biggest motivation was watching her 97-year-old mom lose her
ability to walk and move very much. She made a decision that she was going to get her activity
level back up to where it had previously been 10 years earlier.

She first came to me at 137.5 lbs. at 5’4 “tall and 26.7% body fat. She had just started to ride a
stationary bike but with the exception of off and on exercise, had been pretty sedentary for the
past several years. She was frustrated with herself because she had been in shape her entire
life and had let it go over the past 10 years. She noticed that she had lost strength and gained
some belly fat.

Carolyn was busy getting a second degree and enjoying retirement – perhaps a bit too much!
Her diet had a lot of good stuff but it also consisted of a lot of lunches out, afternoon happy
hour of cheese and wine with the neighbors and some more after dinner treats.

After our initial interview session, she decided to sign up for my Lifestyles Weight Management
System which is a program that includes diet, exercise and nutrition coaching.  Even though she
lived quite a distance from me, this program was once a week in person and the other workouts
were posted on an APP where she could see them in motion and do them on her own time.

Carolyn began her program before the holidays, determined to get these changes into her new
lifestyle while she was on break from school. She started with my Two-Week Detox Plan and
continued with a Lifestyle Diet Plan.   She had daily nutrition coaching with during the whole
program where she would post her food in an APP that allowed me to see it and give her daily
feedback.  This daily coaching is what sets this program apart from others in that I can catch
and help someone before they go off track when I see certain patterns.  It also allows my
clients a way to ask questions and get quick feedback.  Once a week she exercised with me
and faithfully did her posted workouts on her own.

At the end of our 8 weeks, she had lost 9 lbs., 3 % body fat and increased her weights for
almost every exercise.  Her back pain was gone and her constant itching of the ears
was hardly noticeable.

When I asked Carolyn about her experience and what she thought helped her the most she told

1. The Two-Week Detox Plan showed me the connection between my skin issue and my
food. I had asked my dermatologist if anything about my diet could be exacerbating the
dermatitis and he answered with an emphatic no so you can imagine my surprise to find
that something I suffered with for years was able to be fixed by eliminating foods that
aggravated the situation.

2. The Lifestyle Plan helped give me ideas to stay on track and change my habits that
had become pretty bad. I liked the way I felt and looked so the motivation to eat well,
plan my meals and stay the course was easy.  Logging my food daily and getting the
nutrition coaching through the APP really helped me learn and stay on top of the
changes I wanted to make with these new dietary habits.

3. I love to exercise and just needed Mary to get me back into it. I think now that I have
been doing it with her help for these 2 months, I won’t let myself slip back into a
sedentary lifestyle again.  I am continuing to do nutrition coaching as it helps me
stay accountable to the diet.

Thanks Carolyn. You are an inspiration in so many ways. I love that you are 73 years young and
going back to school for a second career. Your energy and motivation are encouraging. I know
it’s hard to resist the social life that comes with retirement but you are putting your health first
and that will pay off with many years of wellness.

Are you looking to transform your health? Mary works with clients all over the country developing personalized nutrition and exercise plans for weight loss and health. If you’re ready to get started on your journey to health and wellness contact her today!

Visit BodyDesigns Two Week Detox Plan or BodyDesignsbyMary for more information.

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