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How to Reduce Chronic Inflammation with Diet

Marc first started working with me in June of 2014. He came to me for both diet and exercise and his goal was to eat better, get stronger, lose weight and increase flexibility. He had a back surgery in previous years and was left with some chronic pain that disrupted his sleep and made some exercises tough.

I explained to Marc that to meet his weight loss goals the nutrition would need to change a lot. His diet consisted of donuts, granola bars, sugary drinks, kratom capsules and smoothies, fast food several times a day and eating late at night. His habits were sporadic and nothing was planned.

For 2 months Marc changed his diet adopting the Lifestyle Plan I implemented and became diligent about preparing food, choosing more greens and organic proteins and he quickly lost the excess weight he was carrying. He lost 10 lbs. and 4 % body fat in just 6 weeks. He maintained his clean eating until he went on a fun guys weekend to Boise. When he returned he went completely back to his old habits. His weight began to creep up and so did the health issues.

Second Times a Charm

Fast-forward 4 years, Marc had a downward spiral of eating bad, chronic pain, not being able to sleep and frequent injuries. The lack of sleep lead to carb cravings, which lead to inflammation, which lead to lack of sleep due to pain. He stayed in this cycle listening to me lecture him about his diet for 4 years! Finally, one day, he was fed up with his pain and decided he was ready to do my detox plan and get off gluten, dairy and sugar to see if he could get rid of some of the pain.

In just 2 short weeks, Marc realized that the majority of his pain that was keeping him from sleeping was gone. He was amazed. He missed his fast foods and greasy fries but he was determined to feel good. This was a hard process for Marc as he really loved the way he was eating and he was truly addicted to the fast foods he ate.

Gluten, Dairy and Sugar Were All Contributing to His Inflammation

Marc challenged gluten and dairy and decided that they definitely caused inflammation in his body. In addition, the sugar was also a big issue for him.

Marc continues today with his healthy eating but he still misses some of the old addictions such as chips, fries and Jimmy John’s sandwiches. It takes time to transform our tastes and our desires. Just last week he had a cheat meal of Jimmy Johns and realized he didn’t enjoy it and he felt terrible afterwards. Progress!  In fact, the photo above is a picture of Marc and his wife sitting outside Johnny’s Pizza for his nieces birthday.  He likes this photo as an “after” photo because that day he did not indulge in the usual pizza and Caesar salad but instead ordered a garden salad and brought his own healthy food with him to the party.  It is definitely a sign that Marc has made the transformation this time to a healthier lifestyle.

Marc’s Secrets to Making Successful Changes

When I asked Marc what inspired him to finally make these changes he told me:

1. I’m looking at 50 this year and I didn’t want to turn 50 feeling like I was 90.
2. Mary had been planting seeds all along but I just needed to make the commitment and find the time to plan and prepare some food.
3. Mary found a company that prepares organic meals for me and sends them every two weeks. I keep them frozen and I always have these to use as a back up. With me a lot of the eating out was a time saver.
4. Mary also went through my restaurant choices and found me some options and I follow the 80/20 rule doing 80% organic, home prepared foods and 20% the healthiest choices I can find in restaurants. Occasionally I do a cheat meal but I no longer have as many cravings.

I’m so happy that Marc feels good and as he approaches 50 he is working out harder than ever, sleeping better and living with less inflammation and pain.

In time I hope he fully embraces and loves his new lifestyle as much as it loves him.
Are you looking to transform your health? Mary works with clients all over the country developing personalized nutrition and exercise plans for weight loss and health. If you’re ready to get started on your journey to health and wellness contact her today!

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