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Small Changes in Diet and Exercise for Big Results

I first met Liz towards the end of August when she contacted me about my Lifestyles Weight Management System.  At 42 years old Liz was working full time, and trying to balance her family, career and health. Over the past four years her weight had begun to creep up and she found herself not being able to fit in her clothes, feeling sluggish and tired. Her mom had died of stomach cancer so she was ready to take a look at her diet for both health reasons and to get the weight off.

Liz liked a lot of healthy foods but she was eating too much sugar from dried and fresh fruits. Although she sometimes reached for chips or sweets in the evenings or on the weekends, for the most part her issue was just not being accountable and eating too many carbohydrates from otherwise healthy foods.

For exercise Liz was doing the same cardio routine most days during the week and was not doing weights or interval training. Her exercise program had not changed in a while and her body was definitely used to the current level of exertion.

Liz began her program at the end of August weighing in at 177 pounds with 33.5% body fat. Her Lifestyles plan included diet and exercise. Liz first completed BodyDesigns Two-Week Detox Plan and then continued with a Lifestyle Diet Plan which was customized to her likes, dislikes and goals.   For exercise, Liz began doing a total body weight training program three days a week and adding interval work into her existing cardio program.

Today Liz has met and succeeded her original goal. She has lost 20 lbs. and 7% body fat. Liz looks and feels amazing! She logs her food daily and continues to try new recipes and incorporate her new eating plan into her daily life for both herself and her family.

When I asked Liz what she attributed to her success she told me:

1.  The Two-Week Detox Plan really set me up for success. It took away all the cravings for sugar and junk food and I never looked back. It was so inspiring to lose 10 lbs. so quickly and easily that I wanted to eat this way forever.

2.  The personalized diet plan that Mary did for me is so easy to follow. Once I got over the idea that I had to prepare all my foods I realized that I didn’t want to eat any other way – I love my new lifestyle diet!

3.  My workouts are different. I have always been athletic but I was doing the same thing over and over again and Mary has pushed me to new levels of fitness by adding interval training and weights to my routine. Mary also would tailor my workouts so I was able to exercise even when I traveled which was a tremendous help and kept me on track during those busy weeks.

4.  Being accountable using the Lose It App and sending my logs to Mary helps me to see what I’m eating and stay on top of my macronutrients. Mary was able to educate me as we went along by seeing my food log and helping me make any adjustments that needed to be made to continue to see a weight loss.

Wow! I am so proud of Liz! She really made the commitment to make lifestyle changes and never looked back. As a mother of two children, working full time and sometimes traveling for her job, Liz never once found an excuse for not preparing food and finding time to exercise.

Congratulations Liz! You proved that even busy, working moms can find time to take care of themselves!

Are you looking to transform your health? Mary works with clients all over the country developing personalized nutrition and exercise plans for weight loss and health. If you’re ready to get started on your journey to health and wellness contact her today!

Visit BodyDesigns Two Week Detox Plan or BodyDesignsbyMary for more information.

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