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How To Reduce Inflammation and Cortisol Levels With Diet

Taryn was referred to me by her doctor last April. She suffered from rheumatoid arthritis and high cortisol levels. In addition she wanted to shed 10 stubborn pounds.

Taryn followed my Two-Week Detox Plan as stringently as she could and when she traveled for work we modified it just enough to help her get through her work functions while still eating clean foods.  After she finished the detox she immediately began her new Lifestyle Diet Plan.

Between the detox and the personalized diet plan, Taryn managed to lose the unwanted 10 lbs., lower her cortisol levels into a normal range and eliminate the majority of her inflammation.

When I asked Taryn what helped her most to meet her goals she told me:

1. Being flexible with the detox plan was key because I travel so much for work and I needed more options. Helping me decide what to choose when I was eating out allowed me to stay on track even while out of town.

2. Being accountable to the food I was putting in my body and eliminating gluten and sugar helped me stop craving sweet foods and reduced my inflammation significantly.

3. Mary introduced me to a few new stevia options that finally agreed with my taste buds, which has kept me away from sugar.

4. Watching Mary’s cooking video and following her many easy and delicious recipes really helped me start to meal plan and cook more at home.

Today Taryn still maintains her goal weight and has normal cortisol levels. When she eats clean she notices her inflammation from her Rheumatoid arthritis is minimal. Congratulations Taryn!

Are you looking to transform your health? Mary works with clients all over the country developing personalized nutrition and exercise plans for weight loss and health. If you’re ready to get started on your journey to health and wellness contact her today!

Visit BodyDesigns Two Week Detox Plan or BodyDesignsbyMary for more information.

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