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How to Lose Weight After 40

Gail called me up last January and wanted to start training with me again after a few years off. When I first met with Gail she had made a New Year’s resolution to take care of herself. For a few years she had focused on family and other priorities and had decided that at 48 years old she was ready to focus on her!*

When Gail started with me last January she weighed in at 151 lbs with almost 30% body fat.   Her goal was to lose 20 lbs, gain strength and endurance and to feel good. Gail complained about feeling really run down and tired all the time.  Her diet wasn’t really that bad but she was not accountable to the quantity of food she ate throughout the day or the nutrient content often choosing more carbohydrates then necessary and not enough protein.  Since Gail loved to cook, I worried that she would have a hard time adapting her recipes to cut calories but as you will see she took this love for cooking and became very passionate about her using her cooking skills in a healthier fashion.

Gail had not been exercising at all and admitted that she didn’t really love it.  She had easy access to a any equipment she wanted through a home gym and gym membership so getting her moving wasn’t going to be an obstacle it was just helping her find the motivation to get it done!

Gail began her journey with Personal Training and my Personal Lifestyle Diet Plan.   She began to do weight training with me 2 sessions per week and in addition added some interval cardio sessions on her own.  Gail also followed her clean eating diet plan and logged her food daily.  She took her love for cooking and turned it into a hobby of remaking recipes and trying new ones.  Gail shares recipes with me on a regular basis and continues to try new ideas to create scrumptious, clean meals.  Planning and preparing food in advance has been a key to Gail’s success.

Today Gail has surpassed her goal.  She recently weighed in at 126 lbs which is a 25 lb weight loss.  In addition, she has gained significant strength and muscle definition.  Her body fat dropped 12% to a healthy and athletic 18%!   She looks incredible and feels great!  A true testimonial to the benefits of clean living.
When I asked Gail what was most important to her success she told me:

1.  Absolutely logging my food daily in Lose It and having it sent to my trainer. Not only the accountability but my own learning experience of where calories were coming from in my diet. Now my diet is loaded with the right types of lean proteins, healthy fats and carbohydrates coming from mostly vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

2.  Weight training gave me the added definition and strength I desired, and allowed me to lose the extra weight that I was starting to gain around the waist. I love wearing all my new clothes, especially the tank tops once again!

3.  I have not been perfect with the cardio. I have to say that for me, the diet and weight training were key. I do, and still have to keep my calories low, unless I bump up my cardio. In order to reach my next goal, cardio will be key, along with my good eating habits that I have developed and weight training.

Gail continues to train with me and log her food daily.  She still prepares foods in advance and is trying new recipes weekly.  I am thrilled with her success and know that she has changed her lifestyle and will continue to eat clean and live well for a lifetime of health.  Congratulations Gail on your hard work and dedication.  You are an inspiration to all of us!


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