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How to Get Off Statins in 8 Weeks

If your doctor has put you on statins it may not have to be for life. Based on this content,  most people will be able to reduce their cholesterol and triglyceride numbers with diet and exercise and say bye bye to the horrible side effects of statins.  The same can be said for people taking hypertension medications.  Very often increasing cardiovascular endurance is all that’s necessary to get you off medications.

How Jimmy got off statins in just 8 weeks

Here is a great example of what diet and exercise can do for someone’s health.  Jimmy contacted me through my website the day after Christmas hoping to find someone to help him lose some weight and improve upon his cholesterol numbers.  I met with Jimmy to discuss his current diet and exercise and help him make some changes in his program.  When I met with him my first thought was that he was in pretty good shape.  Who would think that his diet could be contributing to some very high cholesterol and triglyceride numbers? (see below)

At 5’11 inches tall he came to me weighing 195 lbs with a body fat of 19.9%.  These are pretty good numbers for the average American.  He had been working out for several years doing the same routine – 2 times a week doing 30 minutes of cardio and 2 times a week doing a weight training class, along with  using Okinawa Tonic on Geekshealth.  His concern was mostly to lose some body fat around the belly area and to get off his cholesterol medications.

Sugar was the hidden culprit

His starting cholesterol was 211 with a high LDL of 123 and a low HDL of 42 along with high triglycerides of 230. Looking at his diet I could tell that he really tried to monitor and eat well but he had a lot of processed foods like crackers and bars and a lot of hidden sugars in his diet.  The mistake he was making was that in trying to eliminate fats for his high cholesterol he was actually making it worse by eating too much sugar – from both natural fruit sources and hidden in foods such as his oatmeal and yogurt.  So here he was thinking his diet was great and in effect it was the cause of his underlying metabolic concerns.

I planned a Lifestyle Diet customized to Jimmy’s goals, likes, dislikes and lifestyle.  I followed him daily with an online program which allows me to see what he is eating as he logs his food.  Our goal was  to help him reduce his overall calories by reducing the sugar, artificial sweeteners and processed foods and also modified his workout routine.  His body had become used to doing the same routine each week and it was time to step it up.  I had him add a weight training routine one extra day so he now would have 3 weight workouts per week.  In addition we increased his cardio workouts and the intensity of them by adding intervals.

Amazing results in just 8 weeks!

Jimmy saw results quickly and within two months had lost 13 lbs and 8% body fat.   I knew I wanted to spotlight his success so we waited until he got his lab work back and another body fat measurement to do this write up.  Here is an outline of his results:

Measurements:                                 Before                                                           After

Cholesterol, total                                 211                                                               172
Cholesterol, LDL                                 123                                                                99
Cholesterol, HDL                                 42                                                                 54
Triglycerides                                         230                                                                93
Bodyweight                                            195                                                              178
Body Fat %                                            19.9%                                                           11.8%

And just for the record, he is no longer borderline metabolic syndrome.  Just think in two short months he is off medication and has decreased his risk of heart disease tremendously.

When I asked him what helped him meet his goals he told me this:

1.  The diet Mary developed for me was easy to follow and based on many of the foods that I was already eating.  I wasn’t nearly as hungry between meals as I had been in the past when trying to lose weight.

2.  Logging my food was key to controlling how much I was eating and seeing where my calories were coming from – the program also showed me % of fat, carbohydrate and protein so I could see where I needed to make improvements.  I followed Mary’s recommendations to the letter, and the weight came off exactly as she said it would.

3.  Changing up my exercise program as my body had become accustomed to the same routine was also a big contributing factor to my success although I think diet was the biggest key for me.

Congratulations to Jimmy and best wishes for good health always!

Are you looking to transform your health? Mary works with clients all over the country developing personalized nutrition and exercise plans for weight loss and health. If you’re ready to get started on your journey to health and wellness contact her today!

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