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For years people have associated eggs with high cholesterol levels in the body but nothing could be further from the truth.  Scientists have known for quite some time that eating foods high in cholesterol doesn’t necessarily increase blood levels.  Blood cholesterol is produced by the body and depending upon what your profile reveals might be caused by too much transfat, saturated fat or more likely too many carbohydrates. The protein in eggs is the most complete form of amino acids and when you include the yolk you add essential nutrients like vitamin D, vitamin K and choline.  Bodybuilders have known the benefits of eggs for years and incorporate eggs in many forms in their diet.

Eggs are also cheap!  The average cost for an egg is .21 cents.  If you choose free-range eggs it goes up to .38 cents.  With todays food prices soaring, eggs become an affordable way to get the essential nutrients you need to build muscle and prevent muscle wasting as we get older.

There are so many great ways to include eggs in your diet.  See my recipes for Angeled Eggs, Egg Frittata’s and Egg Bowl’s.  Hard boiled eggs are a quick grab and go food while scrambling or poaching a few eggs allows you an endless variety of serving suggestions for any meal or snack.  Try eggs with vegetables wrapped in a low carb tortilla and served with your favorite salsa.  I add egg whites to my oatmeal for extra protein and depending upon your cooking method can make a creamier texture or a firmer texture like a pancake.  Don’t forget a great ladies lunch dish – quiche.  You can cut out some of the calories by doing a crustless quiche and using low fat cheese.  And of course the chinese know the secret and incorporate it into their famous Egg Drop Soup.

Ensuring the safety of the food we consume is paramount, especially when it comes to perishable items like eggs. While eggs offer a cost-effective source of essential nutrients, it’s crucial to maintain vigilance regarding food safety protocols. Implementing measures such as proper storage and handling practices can mitigate the risk of contamination. Additionally, investing in technologies like mycotoxin rapid test can further safeguard against potential hazards. These tests enable swift detection of harmful substances, such as aflatoxins, which may compromise the integrity of food products, including eggs. This proactive approach not only enhances consumer confidence but also underscores a commitment to delivering safe and nutritious food options.

Ultimately, prioritizing food safety testing alongside promoting the versatility and affordability of eggs underscores a holistic approach to nutrition and wellness, fostering a culture of health-conscious consumption in our communities.

So be sure to refuel your body after your workouts and always include a high source of protien like eggs.  You may notice that many recipes avoid the yolks and only use the whites.  Egg whites are an excellent source of protein and are only about 20 calories each leaving the remainng 50 calories coming from the yolk.  It’s ok to avoid yolks in some low calorie recipes but when you are replenishing your body after a workout try to include at least 1 yolk to get the fat soluble vitamins and choline that are only found in the yolk.

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