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Client Spotlight on Patty – Regaining Her Health with a Spike Protein Detox and Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Patty’s son called me on the referral of a friend asking if I could possibly help his mom who lived in Maryland and had been struggling with multiply health issues for the past few years.  When I consulted with Patty on Zoom, I learned right away that she had been a very active women throughout her life and a now at 71 she found herself not just gaining weight but with a multiply  health issues.

Her issues included migraines, IBS, loss of balance, terrible body aches and pains including a hip and arm and numb fingers and toes.  She also developed high cholesterol.  She had been an avid exerciser and now was unable to go on her own due to balance and pain.  She had gained 20 lbs. and felt like she was unable to get answers from her doctors.

When we drew a timeline of when these symptoms started we were able to trace them back to Covid – both the disease and the vaccine.  It seemed each time she had a vaccine or had Covid she was developing more issues.  It immediately made us both realize that despite what the doctors were not seeing, the possibility of having dangerous spike protein in her body was real and possibly destroying her health.  The doctors had come up empty handed with solutions to her health issues,  so we both saw the value in trying a different approach and making the assumption that it very well could all be from the spike protein.

I explained that long haul and vaccine injury symptoms are similar due to the spike protein presence in both and what she was describing fit.  I immediately sent her some doctors to listen to with some supplement protocol that was inexpensive and simple.  Since she was also thinking this was vaccine and COVID related, she was eager to learn how to help herself reverse the problem and willing to try the supplements and change her diet.

Looking at her diet, she had a lot of healthy foods she tried to include but she was mixing in some higher sugar items and not enough healthy fats and protein.  She was occasionally doing a shake in place of a meal which contained some serious gut disrupters that were making her IBS worse.  For Patty to get well, she would need a combination of a good anti-inflammatory diet along with the supplements to help her heal.

Patty began a new probiotic I recommended to repopulate the gut since both vaccines and Covid have been found to kill off beneficial gut bacteria.  At the same time we started her on Dr. McCullough’s protocol (1) for Nattokinase, bromelain and turmeric.  She began my Two-Week Detox Plan and followed it faithfully, logging her food daily.  She continued on to follow her Lifestyle Diet Plan.  Since Patty likes to eat real food this was not hard for her and I think she enjoyed feeling so good that she didn’t want to stray much from her plan.

Patty and I spoke on April 19th  and she weighed 145 and was severely disabled from her symptoms.   She made changes on her own with her diet and began supplements before she started the Detox on June 8 when she was already down to 141.  Today she is at 131 and looks amazing (as you can see).  But weight is not really what this story is about.  Patty’s health immediately began to turn around with a change in diet and the supplements.  She began the supplements, got rid of inflammatory foods and she was able to remove all her symptoms with the exception of occasional migraines which are also getting less frequent.


Client Spotlight on Patty – Regaining Her Health with a Spike Protein Detox and Anti Inflammatory Diet

This is Patty looking healthy and fit just a few short months after we started

I can’t tell you how amazed I am at seeing Patty in these photos working out. She literally had trouble even setting up the Zoom call with me because she was so debilitated from her ailments.  Today she swims, does elliptical, runs and is able to care for her twin 3 year old grandchildren.  When I asked Patty how she thought the program benefited her she told me:

“As you know, before starting your program, I was feeling so poorly with weakness, balance issues, neurological and cardiac issues that there were a lot of days that I couldn’t leave my condo. Thanks to your program and your help and patience, I have my life back! “

I reached out for a statement from Patty’s son and here is what he told me:

“I’m so grateful to you for the care and guidance you you gave my mother. Since her health went downhill, we’ve measured her time by the number of “good days” she had, since they were few and far between. But now, she seldom has “bad days,” and their severity is nothing compared to how they had been. She’s thrilled with the outcome of your program, which makes us so happy for her. THANK YOU!”

Congratulations Patty for getting educated and taking the steps to detox from the spike protein.  I lead you to the sources and taught you what to do with diet but you did the work.  I am overjoyed to see you in these photos and wish you the best of health always as you continue growing younger.

(1) Clinical Rationale for SARS-CoV-2 Base Spike Protein Detoxification in Post COVID-19 and Vaccine Injury Syndromes;Peter A. McCullough, M.D., M.P.H. Cade Wynn,Brian C. Procter, M.D.Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons Volume 28 Number 3 Fall 2023

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