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Client Spotlight on Lorie – Reversing Diabetes and GERD

Lorie came to me in mid-May hoping to not just lose weight but to reverse pre-diabetes.  In our initial interview, I discovered that she also had autoimmune thyroid (Hashimoto’s) and reflux.

She was not exercising but loved to walk and was willing to go back to the gym to do weights and cardio.  Her diet was not terrible but she often choose higher carb/sugar foods at her meals or grabbed quick things like flavored yogurts or cereals with milk.  She was only cooking for one so she wasn’t really planning meals and wasn’t being accountable to what she ate each day.

Lorie was 41.1% body fat and 207 lbs when she started with me and needed to lose 50 lbs.  She was in her mid 50’s and ready to take control of her health and her weight.  She began with my Two-Week Detox Plan and lost 7 lbs. right off the bat.

Lorie went on to follow her Lifestyle Diet Plan and logged her food daily for 2 full months.  During this time she lost 30 lbs., began exercising and loved her new lifestyle eating plan.  She and I both felt confident that Lorie was ready to go out on her own without coaching.

Lorie has kept in touch and reported back to me recently that she saw her doctor and had “perfect” blood work, having reversed her diabetes and showing perfect cholesterol.  She no longer suffers from reflux and continues to lose weight and exercise regularly.  Her weight loss now stands at 40 lbs. in just over  months with just 12 lbs. left to go to reach her goal of 155.  Her body fat went from 41.1% to 26.4% in the time she has made these changes.  She lost 15 inches total with 6 ½ inches coming from her waistline (no wonder she no longer has pre-diabetes).

When I asked Lorie what made her successful she told me:

1. Learning about how insulin spikes affected my weight and how I feel made it easier for me to make changes in my diet.  I no longer crave the carbs/sugar so choosing the right foods for my body is easy.

2. Making changes in my diet that reversed my reflux makes me want to stick with my new habits even more so and knowing that there are certain foods to avoid with Hashimoto’s again reinforces for me to eat for my health.

3. Having a coach and accountability I took advantage of the situation by asking questions and learning as much as I could knowing I did not want to go back to old habits.

4. Getting back in the gym helped me to feel better about myself and I think it helps me keep the weight coming off at a nice pace.  I also got back into the kitchen and started cooking Mary’s recipes which are so easy and tasty that I know enjoy cooking again.

Congratulations Lorie!  I am so proud of you and can’t wait to see you to see you reach your final goal.  Speaking with you I can tell that you have embraced a healthy eating style which is the key to success.  I feel confident, as I know you do, that you will meet your goal shortly but I think as far as your health you have already met the goal.  Wishing you the best of health always.

Are you looking to transform your health? Mary works with clients all over the country developing personalized nutrition and exercise plans for weight loss and health. If you’re ready to get started on your journey to health and wellness contact her today!

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