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Client Spotlight on Lucy and Annette – Accountability for the Win

If I had a nickel for every time, I heard someone tell me that they eat really clean and just can’t lose weight, I would be a very wealthy lady.  This is a story about 2 friends who came to me seeking answers to their weight loss struggles.   Lucy and Annette met with me 3 ½ months ago and their progress has been so amazing I really needed to share.

Lucy was referred to me by her doctor when she had tried following a low-calorie diet and found that it just didn’t work.  She had a stressful situation with her job and family responsibilities and she was not exercising other than some walking and stretching.  Her goal was to lose 30 lbs. and fit into her clothes again.

Lucy asked her friend Annette to join in with her as Annette was also trying to lose weight.  Annette had a life long struggle with her weight having been as high as 257 at one point and had succeeded in losing 25 lbs. already that year but her weight loss had come to a standstill.

Both Lucy and Annette claimed that despite careful planning and clean eating they just couldn’t lose weight.  When I looked at their diets, they were eating well but as I started to probe with questions, I found out that there were times they slipped into old habits or stopped watching.  My thoughts were that they just were not being accountable to the numbers game.  It’s really easy to “know” what to eat but what really goes into your mouth each day is often different from what we think we are eating.  That’s where accountability comes into the success equation and that’s where my program differs from others.

Lucy and Annette had the right ideas and loved to eat real, healthy foods each day but not being accountable to calories, macronutrient balance and monitoring cheats was making it seem like they couldn’t lose weight.

They both began their program with my Two-Week Detox Plan and Annette lost 9 lbs. and Lucy lost 5 lbs. and both women reported feeling good.  They continued with their personal Lifestyle Diet Plans  which included daily coaching.  The weight continued to drop off and recently they both reported that they were almost at a 30 lb. weight loss since we started.  When I look at their before diets and their current diets, I don’t see a huge difference in what they typically ate so what changed?

When I asked them what they think helped them to lose this weight now verses before they began the program, they told me it wasn’t so much the change in diet as it was being accountable to what was really going into their mouth’s day in and day out. It’s easy to eat really healthy “most” days but when those “off” days become more than we realize is when people often struggle to see a change.  The accountability factor is always so important.  I often tell people that we must “log to lose” and I rarely find anyone to be successful who doesn’t bother to “see” the numbers each day.

Lucy is just 10 lbs. from her goal weight and Annette is 26 lbs. away from hers.  Both women are eating for health, not just weight loss and they both find the time to exercise most days.

Congratulations Lucy and Annette on working together to be accountable to not just me but to yourselves.  As you continue on your journey always remember that this is a lifestyle, not a diet and a marathon, not a sprint.  I wish you the best of health always

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