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Client Spotlight on Kristen and Reese – Mother and Daughter Team up for Weight Loss Success

Kristen called me about working with her daughter back at the beginning of March.  She had no idea at the time that I would rope her into following along with Reese for support.  Mom was worried that her daughter had gained weight and lost self-esteem and just wanted someone other than herself to assist her with her weight loss.

Reese came to meet me with her Mom and was enthusiastic about wanting to make changes.  She had goals to lose inches, get healthier, eat better and have better brain chemistry.  She wasn’t exercising and she had some gut issues. Reese told me she had recently gained about 20 lbs. and wanted to fit into her old clothes again. She also had taken up weight loss hypnosis to see if that had any effect on her, which she found later, it did.

When I looked at her diet, she was drinking sugary Starbucks along with a cake pop which started her day with 70 grams of sugar.   That’s almost 3 times the recommended sugar intake for a day.  She was ordering Uber Eats from fast food at lunch and at dinner mom was making dinner but about 5 nights a week she ate fast food out which included sugary drinks.

Reese was basically starving her body from any nutrition while overdosing on sugar, MSG and chemicals.  All these things affected her gut and brain health.  Explaining this to Reese she really got it and since she liked so many healthy foods, she was totally on board with changing her habits.

Reese agreed to start with my Two Week Detox Plan which was really needed.  At this point I asked her Mom if she would do the Detox too.  Her Mom was totally in agreement and would later follow her daughters diet plan too so that they were both changing their habits.  This was such an important step for mom to take because had she not changed her habits it would have been a huge struggle for Reese to find the right foods.  I always encourage parents to jump on board with their child’s dietary changes so it’s a family thing not just focused on one person.

Reese and her Mom did great!  After the Detox Reese lost 10 lbs. and Mom lost  7 lbs.  They both felt great and this was enough to really encourage them both to keep going with their Lifestyle Diet Plan.  Reese managed to eat out with friends and make much better choices while Mom learned all kinds of new recipes in the kitchen that kept the whole family eating healthy.

Today they are 3 months from the start and both of them are sporting bikinis by the pool and feeling great about themselves.  Reese feels like her gut and brain health have improved and is enjoying her new plan.  Mom has lost 15 lbs. and Reese is down 30 lbs.

Mother and Daughter Team Up for weight loss success

Reese Before and After

When I asked Kristen and Reese what helped them be successful, they told me:

1. Logging food and having Mary coach me daily was helpful as this was a big transition for us both.  She was there with quick answers when we were going to an event or Reese was eating out with friends.

2. Mary’s recipes are super easy and it helped me change up our typical meals too much healthier ones.

3. Having gone through the program with Reese was so important because it really made me learn and change too and I truly believe that’s why Reese was so successful.

Congratulations to both of you on your amazing transformation not just with your weight loss but with your health.

Best of health always!

Are you looking to transform your health? Mary works with clients all over the country developing personalized nutrition and exercise plans for weight loss and health. If you’re ready to get started on your journey to health and wellness contact her today!

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