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How to Be Fit and Feel Great at 50

Two years ago Tracie stopped working out when she was going through an extremely stressful time in her life. Along with the decrease in exercise, there was also an increase in eating out and grabbing “quick bites” at the grocery store. Her weight increased by 10 lbs. and she had also lost muscle mass. She felt the weight around her middle and knew with her age and approaching menopause she would need to get this weight off now before it became more difficult.  Tracie also had the beginning of Hashimoto’s which is a hypothyroid condition and wanted to get her diet right to try to reverse this condition.

Tracie knew a lot about nutrition, liked the right foods and always tried to make the healthiest choices even when she ate out at restaurants.  However, with the lack of exercise, stress and eating out too frequently, she just couldn’t get those 10 lbs. to budge. Very often she would skip meals or grab a “healthy” smoothie on the road, which she would later learn, was way more sugar then her body could handle.

She also complained about being tired.  She felt like she should have a lot more energy at her age.  Excessive sugar, skipping meals and being unaware of how gluten and dairy were affecting her well-being, were the primary reasons behind her fatigue.  Lack of exercise was also most likely a factor in how tired she felt.

She came to me to do my Lifestyle Program which includes personal training both in person and online and a Lifestyle Diet Plan.  Her current diet when she started with me consisted of several fast food meals each day, dinners out almost every night, coffees from Starbucks loaded with sugar or at home using artificial creamers. She loved all the healthy things she should have been eating and they were definitely mixed into her week but not as frequent as the faster foods.

Tracie started with the Two-Week Detox Plan and right off the bat lost her 10 lbs. in the first 2 weeks! She began exercising with me once a week and following her program that I assigned for her to do on her own the rest of the time. Her body fat went from an already lean 21.6% to an athletic 15%!

Always on the go, having to cook and prepare foods at home has been a challenge for her. I have to give her credit though for finding two places that she can buy prepared foods that are amazingly healthy. So when she knows she will be short on time and in a bind, she plans and buys food in advance from her two organic, vegetarian sources that she has found. The foods have all been healthy and fresh.

When I asked Tracie what had helped her most to be successful:

1. The  Two Week Detox Plan just got me off the processed food and eating the right foods. My body must have loved it because I responded quickly and lost the weight that I had been struggling to lose for so long. I learned that dairy and gluten are not my friends and I feel much better without them.

2. Mary’s daily comments on my food logs helped to educate me and learn this new way of eating verses just eating what I thought was healthy. She always encouraged me to not skip meals and be prepared. I found that my new way of eating left me satisfied and feeling good because I wasn’t consuming all the sugar anymore.

3. Exercising has brought back my definition and I feel good in my clothes. Mary trains me once a week and posts workouts for me to do on my own that fit into my schedule easily so I can get them done.

4. Logging my food for Mary keeps me accountable and helped me learn along the way. I didn’t realize what was really going into my body until I started logging in the Lose It App.

Congratulations Tracie! You look amazing and have done a great job of transforming your lifestyle to get back on track.

Are you looking to transform your health? Mary works with clients all over the country developing personalized nutrition and exercise plans for weight loss and health. If you’re ready to get started on your journey to health and wellness contact her today!

Visit BodyDesigns Two Week Detox Plan or BodyDesignsbyMary for more information.

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