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Jack first came to me for help losing weight when he was starting his senior year in high school. For a 17-year old boy he was extremely motivated and open to my suggestions.

I mention this because if you have ever tried to help a teenager lose weight then you know keeping them focused and motivated isn’t easy!

When he first came to me he ate like any other typical teenager – cereal with milk for a quick start to his day, sandwiches with processed luncheon meats, chips and cookies for lunch and balanced meals at home for dinner. Jack liked to snack on good food but often snacked too much. He also tended to eat larger portions then he needed to maintain a healthy weight.

As far as exercise, he was playing lacrosse for his high school team but in the off season or even days off from practice he loved to play his video games for hours on end so the majority of his time between school and home was spent seated.

Jack’s starting weight was 222 and his goal weight was 180. He also wanted to get fit and gain muscle.

After meeting with Jack and determining what he was willing to change in his diet, I developed a Lifestyle Diet Plan for him. He followed it as close as possible and would consult with me for help when he was going out with friends to make the best possible choices in difficult situations. I followed him for a month and he lost 22 lbs. This was a huge drop for him and set him off on the right track.

Jack maintained his weight loss throughout his senior year, and for the most part the healthy habits he had incorporated during his time working with me stuck but the exercise part was still not enough.

In June, after graduation, Jack decided it was time to get back to his goal and lose the rest of his weight. He consulted with me and we took the next step to make his diet a bit cleaner and also to increase his exercise.

During the next 3 months Jack not only met his goal but exceeded his goal weighing in today at 178! He looks and feels amazing. Jack is now in college and living in an apartment cooking for himself. When I asked him what helped him to be successful to finally meet his goal he told me:

1. Learning the truth about nutrition was key because now I understand what makes people fat and how to get lean. It’s not hard to eat right if you know what to eat.

2. Monitoring my food and having feedback and accountability helped me to continue learning more about what to eat in certain situations.

3. Being in college now I have the time to workout and with a gym right in my complex its easy to just get up and go do it.

4. I have to shop and cook my own meals now. I have a budget and I find it easy to look at my Lifestyle Plan and choose foods to prepare for that week. I actually like eating good foods and knowing what is going into my body is keeping me healthy. I watch my friends eat fast food and junk food and I have no desire to eat it because of what I’ve learned.

Jack is an inspiration to not just teenagers but everyone who struggles to find the motivation to just do it! Congratulations Jack on this accomplishment.
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