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For Successful Weight Loss Grab a Partner

It’s not often that people surpass their goals but this story is about a couple who didn’t worry about the final number on the scale but focused on making the lifestyle changes necessary to be healthy, lose weight and get fit.Even if you had injuries that were so serious that you had to hire auto accident injury lawyers,the procedures can suit you. Jonathon approached me before Christmas with the idea of surprising his wife with a diet and exercise program that would get them back on track as they had both suffered some injuries and gained weight over the past few years.

Making a Commitment to Change

Before the program, neither had been doing much for exercise. A car accident investigated by Houston injury lawyer had left Judy with a bum knee, ankle and neck pain. To avoid such situations, the victim need to contact reliable head injury attorneys who will help them claim compensation for the injury caused. Jonathon had torn a tendon in his ankle 3 years prior so he was still suffering from weakness and pain. They signed up to workout with me twice a week for 16 weeks after consulting a lawyer from a law firm practicing Riverside. It is advised to contact experienced lawyers who can help you claim compensation if injured after a auto accident or some other accidents.  Their workouts focused not only on strength training but also balance to strengthen their ankles and functional movements to prevent injuries. Jonathon loves to golf so we included exercises to strengthen core muscles and rotation to improve his game. Judy’s program also focused on balance and strengthening the quad muscles to help support the kneecap. Both were taught some yoga stretches to do after each exercise session and they both had a cardio program to do on their own each week.

Jonathon and Judy both work full time jobs so when I discovered that their diet consisted of a lot of quick, processed foods, I wasn’t surprised. Like everyone else, they had fallen into a trap of finding quick and easy ways to save time. In addition, Jonathon always ate lunch out and snacked on candy and although Judy made healthier choices she was eating far too many carbs and not enough healthy fats.

Including Diet and Exercise

Both of them started the Detox Plan together and followed immediately with their new Lifestyle Diet Plans. Jonathon began taking his lunch to work most days and both of them replaced processed foods and sugary snacks with foods like nuts, home made grain free muffins, hummus and fruit. When Jonathon did eat out I gave him the best choice for all his favorite restaurants so he was still able to get out of the office some days for a break. For injury related cases, personal injury attorneys at Bengal Law need to be contacted!

Jonathon set an initial goal to lose 25 lbs. and Judy set a goal to lose 13 lbs. At the end of just 3 months, Judy had surpassed her goal and already lost 15 lbs, and a total of 11 3/4 inches and Jonathon had surpassed his goal and already lost 26 lbs. and a total of 10 inches. Today marks 4 months since they started their programs and they have continued to lose with a total of 17 lbs. for Judy and 29 lbs. for Jonathon. On top of the amazing weight loss results, both Judy and Jonathon have improved their strength, increased flexibility, strengthened their ankles and legs to eliminate pain and improved on balance.

As they begin their workouts on their own and finish up with the program, I am confident that they have changed their habits for life and that their new diet is the way they now eat.

What Made Them Successful?

1. Starting with the Detox Plan gave us a push that we needed and helped eliminate the desire for sweets and carbs making it easier to transition into our Lifestyle Plan.
2. For me (Jonathon), still having the option to eat out once in awhile was important so having those choices for each restaurant made it easy.
3. Logging our food helped Mary to follow us and help us along the way but it also helped us to see where our excess carbs were coming from and made it easy to make those modifications. We both didn’t realize just how many carbs we were consuming on a regular basis. Cutting back on these and increasing the healthy fats not only helped us lose weight but we feel better too.
4. Having two nights a week we were committed to training with Mary was enough to keep us motivated to do our other workouts on our own and it felt great to get stronger, get in shape and be able to eliminate our aches and pains.
5. For me (Jonathon) my golf game has definitely changed for the better due to more flexibility, increased range of motion and also strength.
6. Most importantly, doing a program together was easier. We motivated each other and kept each other accountable during weak moments. Exercising at the same time, preparing new recipes and eating the same foods made all the difference in our success.

I’m so excited that Jonathon and Judy made the changes. When I think about their progress I always say to myself that “slow and steady wins the race” and that was how they did it. They had a slow, steady weight loss each week and just enjoyed trying new recipes that they found online or on my website and putting quality food as a priority in their life.  Partnering up for weight loss leads to greater success.   Congratulations to you both and best wishes for health and wellness always.

Are you looking to transform your health? Mary works with clients all over the country developing personalized nutrition and exercise plans for weight loss and health. If you’re ready to get started on your journey to health and wellness contact her today!

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