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Many people are afraid to try new exercises or to push themselves due to fear of injury. It is important for helping injured clients obtain compensation after they meet with an injury by employing the best injury attorney to fight for your cause.  Training can and should be done safely and also each patient must have a peek at these guys who are only working for the patients to recover quickly to lead a normal life once again. Here are several tips on ways to help prevent injuries during exercise whether you are beginner exerciser or a full-time athlete:

  • Warm Up – A dynamic warm up should be done before every workout. The goal of the warm-up is to increase heart rate, blood flow, internal temperature of the muscles, respiration rate and perspiration and decrease the viscosity of joint fluids.
  • Hydrate – Proper hydration is important in injury prevention because water lubricates joints, helps blood deliver oxygen to muscles, and helps to remove waste from inflammatory process. Proper hydration is needed for optimal muscle and joint function. Be sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after exercise. Not sure how much water you should be drinking in a day? Take your body weight, divide it by two, and thats how many ounces of water you should be getting. For example, if you weigh 140 lbs., you should be drinking at least 70 ounces of water in a day.
  • Work with a Trainer/Coach – Working with a Personal Trainer or a Coach is the best way to ensure you are performing exercises with the correct form. A personal injury attorney oxnard explains that more than 50% of injuries transpire because people do not know the proper procedure to exercise. Also, they will help you gradually increase weight and/or volume at a safe pace. If you need guidance with workouts be sure to try A Stronger Workplace’s Remote Personal Training program. Our Exercise Physiologists will send you customized workout programs for you to perform whenever you want with whatever exercise equipment you have access to. Knowing what to do and how to do it properly can make all the difference in achieving your exercise goals.
  • Listen to Your Body – Pay attention to your body if you experience any sharp pain, weakness or light-headedness during exercise. This is your body’s signal that something is wrong and you should stop exercise. Pushing through acute pain is the fastest way to develop a severe or chronic injury. If you don’t feel well, you should take some time off until your body heals. People can check this website for the best injury related advice.
  • Leave Your Ego at the Door – Our ego’s can get us in big trouble – especially if we are in a group training environment and/or lifting weights. If you are any bit competitive, this could be quite the challenge for you. Again, listen to your body when exercising and be smart when adding more weight – make small jumps between sets.
  • Stretch – Flexibility is an aspect of fitness that is often overlooked. Increasing flexibility is key in injury prevention. Static stretches should be done after a workout when the muscles are warm. If you need help with stretching, try this short stretching routine.

Megan Hill is an ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist and the founder of A Stronger Workplace, LLC. A Stronger Workplace is a vendor for workplace wellness needs in Atlanta, GA . Services include Wellness Challenges, Biometric Screenings, Lunch & Learns, and Remote Personal Training. Learn more at

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