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How to Get Fit at 40

Adro first contacted me in late June after her doctor told her she needed to lose 20 lbs. to help with ongoing knee issues.  As  an active, 39 year old women, Adro desperately wanted to avoid any further surgeries on her knees but she was in a lot of pain.*  She took the doctor’s advice and immediately decided to make changes in her lifestyle. In such situations, you can contact Beaufort truck accidents lawyers who can help you in recovering compensation to cover treatments and medical bills.

Adro did my Lifestyles Diet Plan, which is a diet full of real foods like lean proteins, healthy fats and low glycemic whole grains in small amounts while avoiding anything processed.  She watched her portion sizes and was accountable to what she ate.  In the gym we added strength training to her already active lifestyle, which was mostly tennis.  Adro is an avid tennis player and plays almost 7 days a week, singles and doubles plus practice sessions.  Adding the weight training was a good balance for her since tennis is mostly cardio and uses the same muscle groups over and over.

In just 2 short months Adro met her goal of losing 20 lbs. right before her 40th birthday!  What a great birthday present to herself.  The weight has helped with the knee pain and can prolong if not eliminate any further surgeries on her knee.  The weight training helped to strengthen her quadriceps muscles, which are the only muscles that keep the kneecap from rubbing on the cartilage under the knee.   Even though she was playing a lot of tennis, this muscle needed more specific targeting to keep it strong enough.  We worked to increase her shoulder strength to improve her serve, which was deadly in the past but is now incredible!  As with any tennis player or golfer I taught her how to avoid injury to the elbow from overuse in the process of building strength and save injury lawyers‘ consultation. Adro was patient and followed her stretching routine to build her strength and still be able to play her tennis 7 days a week without getting hurt. The Solomon Law Group of lawyers are always available to help anyone who experiencing this kind of crisis anywhere across the country. It is always advised to find an attorney even for a minor accident who can help you claim compensation and get you out of the situation. Also, Portland injury lawyers can be hired to solve the accident cases.

When I asked Adro what helped her the most to lose her weight and stay on track she told me:

1. My biggest motivation was avoiding surgery but turning 40 was also a landmark age where I knew I wanted to be in great shape.
2. Changing my diet to eat less grains and more vegetables, lean proteins and fats made it effective and easy to follow.
3. My husband was supportive and wanted to eat the same way having a partner in the journey helped keep me on track.
4. Building strength and starting to see definition continues to be a motivator to keep the strength training as part of my routine.

Congratulations Adro on making the commitment and sticking to it!

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