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How To Get In Shape for Your Wedding Day

After getting engaged in November and starting to try on wedding gowns, Brandi realized she wasn’t as happy with her body as she once was.  Before moving to GA from FL Brandi had been active in the entertainment and modeling world. Being in unfamiliar surroundings had led to a little weight gain.*

Aside from wanting to be at her best shape on her wedding day, Brandi wanted to get back into top shape for modeling as well! As the owner of a new swimwear line, she took pride in being the face for her brand.

At 29 years old,  Brandi came to me as someone who knew the meaning of :”hard work pays off” and she wanted to not only get rid of the unwanted fat she had gained but learn how to maintain her weight for life.

Starting with me her diet was full of quick processed foods, fast foods, eating out at a lot of restaurants and even filling in with protein shakes that were loaded with chemicals and sugars.  Brandi’s fiance worked out of state so when he came home for a few days each week they ate out and Brandi was caught in a rut of eating lots of fattening foods and drinking alcohol and unsure of how to manage the diet during those days.  I assured her that if she choose one day to be her cheat day with her fiance that the other days would be easy to order healthy and watch her intake.

Brandi watched my video on “What’s Cooking?” and was perfect with logging her food each day.  Her diet went from terrible to terrific almost immediately as she followed her plan and realized her cravings for the sweets and junk food disappeared.  She began her structured workouts and although she had always worked out in the past, adding the Peak 8 to her cardio and doing circuit training for her weight routine kept her burning calories in every session.

Brandi’s starting weight was 129.4 and her body fat was 27.1%.  Brandi did my 8 week Lifestyles Program and before she even hit the last week she had lost 9.4 lbs and over 5% of her body fat putting her at a healthy and lean 22% body fat!  WOW!

Brandi maintains a healthy weight of 120 lbs and with her 5 foot 5 inch frame she is slender and perfect for modeling her suits!

When I asked Brandi what helped her to be successful she said:

1.  Watching the cooking video gave me a great start in how to really be prepared for meals and snacks so I could avoid the unwanted fast foods.  I began preparing meals in the Crockpot and making sure I had healthy snacks available.

2.  I allowed myself the cheat night so that I didn’t feel deprived.

3.  Peak 8 was a new type of cardio for me and the intensity was something that really kicked my body into fat burning mode.

4.  Seeing the results so quickly and feeling better about myself as I got back into all my old clothes and in tip top shape for modeling again was all the motivation I needed to make this my permanent lifestyle.

Congratulations Brandi for a job well done!

Are you looking to transform your health? Mary works with clients all over the country developing personalized nutrition and exercise plans for weight loss and health. If you’re ready to get started on your journey to health and wellness contact her today!

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