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How To Reverse Fatty Liver Disease with Diet

Joseph first contacted me about a diet and exercise plan last November.  At 35 years old, he was diagnosed with fatty liver disease and needed to either change his lifestyle habits or risk permanent liver damage.*  Fortunately, Joseph’s physician scared him and forced him to realize the seriousness of his diagnosis and that it could become life threatening within a decade.  A shocking number of Americans have undiagnosed fatty liver disease and will suffer the consequences later in life as a result of unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise.

Joseph grew up on what we call the Standard American Diet (SAD).  The SAD diet consists of processed foods loaded with saturated and Tran’s fats, sugar and chemicals and devoid of essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals.  Joseph also enjoyed home-brewed beer and realized that if he did not fix his liver he may have to surrender his hobby all together.  Ultimately, liver issues were dramatically improved from an improved diet where eliminating alcohol had not improved his condition.  Changing his diet was the best thing he ever did.  The SAD was damaging his liver!

In addition to growing up on a poor quality diet, Joseph had always been sedentary.  He was the kid who chooses reading over sports. Exercise was a big change for Joseph. His demanding desk job requires days behind a computer screen and frequent travel so committing to an exercise program was not easy but was critical.  To quote Joseph, “Mary Sabat changed my life.  She taught me how to exercise in a fun and efficient way where I was able to get the most out of every minute”.

Joseph radically changed his diet with my Lifestyle Diet Plan and Personal Training.  His diet now includes a “Green Shake” every morning along with carefully chosen, filling and delicious, healthy foods.  He eats nutrient dense foods with loads of vegetables and greens in his diet.  Over the year, he went from being extremely weak for a man his age to being exceptionally strong.  Additionally, his cardiovascular fitness improved from someone who could not even run a half mile to someone who is currently training for a Half Ironman Triathlon!  He completed numerous running, bike and adventure races and continues to improve his fitness level through training.

He lost 30 lbs of body fat and gained at least 10 lbs of muscle.  He now weighs in at a healthy 185 lbs.  The success of his story however is not about his weight loss but rather about his liver health.  His doctor recently gave him a clean bill of health and announced that he had reversed his fatty liver disease!

This story to me is really what success is all about.  Someone who has changed their lifestyle, despite not wanting too, despite not “liking” healthy foods, despite loving the SAD, despite not wanting to exercise and despite having a busy professional life along with two small children and a wife that demand a lot of his time and attention.  Despite it all – someone scared him enough and he had the common sense to know that he MUST make these changes in order to live a long, healthy life and watch his daughters walk down the aisle some day.

If you ask Joseph what helped him be successful he would tell you this:

1. My wife was a constant support and being a fitness fanatic herself it made it easier.
2. Being accountable to my trainer and having someone to encourage me and push me through harder workouts to keep my fitness level improving.
3. Understanding that my liver was a necessary organ that I was damaging every time I ate the SAD made me want to eat healthy despite what I really “wanted”.
4. Over time my tastes changed and I now enjoy eating healthy.

Congratulations to Joseph for being someone who really made a commitment and stuck with it to see amazing results.  Looking forward to watching you continue to excel at your fitness events.

Are you looking to transform your health? Mary works with clients all over the country developing personalized nutrition and exercise plans for weight loss and health. If you’re ready to get started on your journey to health and wellness contact her today!

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