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Losing Weight With an 8 Week Transformational Program

Look at this incredible transformation of a beautiful woman!  Brigitte started training with me with the intention of losing weight to attend her step daughter’s wedding.  At this time she weighed in at 167 lbs and wanted to lose 20 lbs before the wedding which was only 8 weeks away.  Although I felt like the goal was a bit too ambitious, Brigitte was enthusiastic about doing whatever she needed to do to change her lifestyle and get the weight off.*

Brigitte was fortunate to not have any health issues for someone who had just turned 58 and was fairly sedentary.  She liked a lot of healthy foods but wasn’t watching portions or calories.  Weekends were social so there was more alcohol, snacking and eating out that contributed to her weight issue.

Brigitte signed up for my 8 weeks Lifestyles Weight Management Program which emphasizes not only exercise and dieting but changing your habits to fit into a lifelong plan.  The new diet she would follow would be one that she incorporated for life along with her new exercise routines.

After 8 weeks Brigitte had lost 16.5 lbs, 7.2% body fat and 9 inches total!  Considering that she was now lifting weights we can also be sure that she gained muscle mass.  She did not make her short term goal of 20 lbs by the wedding but she fit into her dress of choice and looked fabulous!

Brigitte continued on her own to exercise and continue her new healthy diet for life.  She lost another 4 lbs to meet her original goal of 20 lbs and also lost 2.4% more body fat.  At this point she returned to me for another Lifestyles Program to drop another 10 lbs.  Brigitte started a serious program of clean eating and exercise in July and has dropped another 2% in bodyfat, 10 more pounds and continues to battle away for that last few that she hopes to lose this year.

Today she is 30 lbs lighter, aerobically fit as a fiddle and her muscles are sculpted and defined.  At 59 years old Brigitte looks hot!

When I asked her what were the factors that made her weight loss successful she told me:

1. Logging my food was key!    I had no idea how many “healthy” calories I was eating each day
2. Being accountable to my trainer for both my exercise and diet helped keep me on track
3. Having a husband who is very fit and motivating when it comes time to go to the gym – it’s something we can share together.
4. Feeling good, having energy and being able to work with little children at my job and not get tired helps to motivate me to keep moving

Check out her before (far left) and after pictures (far right) shown below.

I am so proud of Brigitte.  I know that she has not just lost weight but has changed her Lifestyle forever.  Congratulations on your new sexy body and best of health to you always!

Are you looking to transform your health? Mary works with clients all over the country developing personalized nutrition and exercise plans for weight loss and health. If you’re ready to get started on your journey to health and wellness contact her today!

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