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Client Spotlight on Dave

The end of January Dave came to me ready to make some changes in his eating habits to lose weight, reduce his blood pressure and reduce his risk of cardiovascular disease.  At 43 years old he found himself weighing 243 lbs. and with a family history of heart disease he decided it was time to take his health into his own hands and make some changes.

Dave’s diet consisted of sugary cereal with conventional milk, frozen meals for lunch, snacks of granola bars, candy, sweets and heavy beer and one cheat meal out per week.  He was really trying to eat healthy and just didn’t realize what was in his food or the total calories in his diet.

Dave is tall so at 6’4” he was over weight but not obese.  His goal was to lose about 30 lbs. and to start exercising again.  He loved to exercise and decided to add some Beachbody workouts into his schedule as he made the dietary changes.

He started early February on my Two Week Detox Plan and in that short time he jump started his weight loss and lost his first 15 lbs.  After the Detox Plan he went right into his Lifestyle Diet Plan, continuing to lose weight each week.  In 2 short months he reached his goal weight having lost 30 lbs. and his blood pressure is back in the normal range.  He has kept up his exercise routine and continues to plan and prepare foods in advance to be ready for the week.

When I asked Dave what made him successful this time with the weight loss, he told me:

1. Eating high quality food verses processed foods allowed me to stay satisfied without having have large meals. Cutting out the sugar I found I didn’t crave to eat as much.

2. Planning and preparing foods in advance so I had foods available to bring for lunch.

3. Logging my food made me “see” what I was eating so I learned how to eat healthy not just about the calories.

4. Having my wife supportive in making the changes for the whole family helped make it part of my lifestyle.

Congratulations Dave for making the changes and setting a good example for the whole family.  Best of health always as you continue to use food as your medicine.

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