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Client Spotlight on Brandee – Reversing Autoimmune Pancreatitis


In February of this year Brandee found herself hospitalized with severe stomach issues.  She had debilitating nausea, pain and burning in her stomach and could not eat or drink.  Once hospitalized they told her they thought she had Autoimmune Pancreatitis and sent her home to recover.

A co-worker of Brandee’s just happened to be my client and convinced her that it was worth a visit to see me about what dietary changes could benefit this condition and that is how this very rare case came before me.

In interviewing Brandee I discovered that she had been on an antibiotic for a few days prior to the gastrointestinal distress starting.  I looked at her diet and found that she was drinking a lot of coffee, eating fast food twice a day, drinking sodas, eating processed snacks and on weekends eating Mexican and other fast foods for dinners too.  I would later find out that she also liked to chew a lot of gum which has sugar alcohols and further destroys gut bacteria and can lead to stomach pain.

When I looked at Brandee’s regular diet I was not surprised that she had gut issues.  What surprised me was that the doctors didn’t bother to see what she was eating before assuming she had a serious disorder.  My immediate thought was that Brandee had destroyed her gut bacteria from the food choices she was making (lots of sugar and chemicals) and that taking the antibiotic just put her over the edge.  I was fairly confident that if we just got her gut and liver healthy, we could turn around this “autoimmune” disease with diet and avoid medications.

Brandee started with me then got her blood results that did not confirm an autoimmune pancreatitis although the doctor couldn’t say for sure.  She would later do an endoscopy that also came back normal.

Brandee’s diet was pretty bad but Brandee liked all foods and was motivated to make any changes necessary to feel good.  We went in full force with my Two Week Detox Plan and followed up with a Lifestyle Plan – both focusing on getting her gut and liver healthy again.

Within the first 2 weeks of her plan Brandee’s stomach felt great and despite her not having a goal to lose weight she had lost 9 lbs.  She continued with her Lifestyle Plan and again, continued to lose some more weight leaving her at 112 lbs.  She feels great at her new weight but most of all she feels great eating her new diet.

I was so glad to hear this so I knew we were on the right path but I was also afraid she would revert  back to her old habits.  Brandee began her Lifestyle Plan and amazed me at the recipes she was making and the complete turnaround from eating almost all processed, fast foods to ALL healthy, organic real foods.  Brandee’s diet is absolutely amazing and best of all she loves it!

So today less than 2 months after we started together Brandee has lost 13 lbs. of body fat, loves the way she eats AND her lab work has all come back normal – no autoimmune pancreatitis.

When I asked Brandee to tell me about her journey she said:

“Honestly, I never knew that the food I was putting in my body was affecting my health.  I was happy with my weight and I worked out a lot so I just ate whatever I felt like eating.  It really never occurred to me that food affects our guts and livers which in turn affects our health in so many ways.  Being hospitalized was a huge wakeup call and I was not only motivated to change but I love the way I eat and don’t miss my old habits at all.”

This is truly and amazing story of how food affects our gut bacteria which in turn affects every aspect of our health.  This wakeup call came at a good time in for Brandee so that she could get her health in order while she is still young.  Her goals to cure her pancreatitis and have a healthy body have been met.

Congratulations Brandee on your new lifestyle and I hope you continue to be an inspiration for your family and friends.

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