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Heart rate monitors and Fitness Trackers are great ways to not just track your progress but to give you some accountability and they make working out more fun! I personally wear a Fitbit and a heart rate monitor for every workout I do.

In order to gain the most from a work out it’s important to try to maintain your target heart rate. Each of my clients receive a target heart rate range from me when they sign up for a program.  Staying with this range not only allows us to safely push ourselves harder but some monitors also allow us to track calories burned.  The calories you see on a machine such as a treadmill or eliptical are often inflated by as much as 50% or more so knowing the exact number can be crucial if you are trying to lose weight.

Several of the newer options that don’t require a band to be worn around your chest are just not accurate enough.  I’ve tried quite a few of these devices and I always come back to the Polar for not just a reliable brand but this model watch gives my clients exactly what they need and its easy to use.  The polar FT 7 is the cheapest model available while supplies last.  Newer ones have replaced this at a higher price point.


Polar FT 7


Fitness trackers are all the rage and for good reason.  They help you stay motivated to move and everyone needs to be moving more.  Check out these popular and fun Fitbit models for reliability and functionality.

fitbitFitbit Flex – This basic Fitbit model is worn on your wrist and measures distance, steps, calories burned and sleep activity.  It is waterproof so you can wear it in the shower.  The battery lasts about 5 days and you can even set silent alarms that wake you and nobody else.  The bands come in many colors and you can switch them out if you get bored.

fitbit-altaFitbit Alta – This is a dressier version of the Fitbit Flex described above.  You get everything in the Fitbit flex plus text message, phone call and calendar notifications and this pretty wrist band is nice for someone who dresses up daily but wants to still wear their Fitbit.  This one is not waterproof so take it off before you jump in the shower!

 Fitbit Alta HR – This is the same dressier version of the Fitbit Flex with text message, phone call and calendar notifications plus now it adds heart rate.  Dress it up with a variety of bands so you never have an excuse to leave home without it!


fitbit-charge-hrFitbit Charge HR 2 The Fitbit Charge HR monitors your activity, steps, calories, sleep and heart rate.  It will give you a notification if you get a phone call too.  The heart rate function is not always accurate but it works at lower intensity exercises and even during sleep to give you a pretty good average heart rate throughout the day.  It is not waterproof so take it off before you shower!


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