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Client Spotlight on Darla – Creating New Habits at 50 for Optimal Health and Weight Loss

Darla came to me at the end of January looking to make a change.  She was not very confident in her ability to change her diet or start to exercise but a friend had referred her and convinced her that it would be worth it to change her life.

Darla was 45 lbs. overweight with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, gut issues, arthritis, eczema and sedentary.  She was a walking time bomb at just 49 years old.  Like so many other women her age, she had been busy raising kids and working full time and just let her own health fall to the wayside.

Convincing Darla that she could make a change and get healthy wasn’t easy.  She hadn’t worked out in 2 years and even though she had committed to taking her son to the gym she wasn’t fully trusting her ability to stick with it.  Her attitude was the same with her diet.  She was eating poorly with mostly processed foods and junk foods filling her day and was afraid she would struggle to make so many changes.  Despite her reservations however, her health conditions and desire to feel better convinced her that she needed to give change something.

Darla jumped in and committed to my 2 moth program starting out with the Two-Week Detox Plan.  Despite any reservations going into the program, she followed it perfectly and lost 8 lbs.  Darla continued with the program following her Lifestyle Diet Plan and continued to be accountably daily to her food intake and exercise.

Along the way I remember Darla reaching out to me that she was frustrated and couldn’t lose weight but when I reviewed her progress I pointed out that she had been losing weight steadily and in fact, continues to this day to lose weight at a steady rate.  I think we often forget that the weight didn’t come on over night and it will take patience to get it off.  Luckily, Darla saw her progress and stuck with the program.

Fast forward to early May and Darla has now lost 30 lbs.  Not only has she lost 30 lbs. but she is exercising and feeling great.  Her blood sugar is normal, her blood pressure has returned to a normal 125/80 and although she is yet to check her cholesterol I am sure it also has come down.  Her gut health has drastically improved and she had this eczema on her finger tips prior to the program that has cleared up as well.

I continue to be really impressed with Darla because she made these amazing changes and has really embraced her new “lifestyle”.  She doesn’t completely deprive herself either – she enjoys some cocktails and cheat meals but she gets right back on track.  She is just 15 lbs. from her goal weight as I write this and I am sure she is going to make it and keep the weight off with her new habits.

When I asked Darla what made this so successful for her she told me:

1. The accountability and support were the most important aspects of the program for me.

2. The simplicity of the recipes which made it possible for me to find time to get back into the kitchen and eat real food.

3. Having the tools for a lifetime instead of the costly and usually unhealthy “replacement” meals and bars that most diets offer.

I hope as you read this that if you are also struggling to lose weight or have some health issues that you will be inspired by Darla.  As she told me recently, “you can teach an old dog new tricks”.  Everyone deserves to live their best lives and that means taking care of our bodies.  I wish Darla the best of health always as she continues in her journey for optimal weight loss and wellness.

Are you looking to transform your health? Mary works with clients all over the country developing personalized nutrition and exercise plans for weight loss and health. If you’re ready to get started on your journey to health and wellness contact her today!

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