[onehalf] [/onehalf] [onehalflast] It’s time to get FIT with H.I.I.T.! High intensity interval training is one of the quickest ways to get the most from your fitness routine. Why? Because it sends your body into MEGA-BURN MODE. Not only do you burn massive amounts of calories during each class, you also get an awesome “after burn” effect that keeps torching those calories for up to 48 hours following the class.

Classes begin with a warm up and stretch and end with a stretch. In between, we will complete a series of high intensity exercises including some plyometrics, body conditioning and core work.

This class is taught to challenge those who are extremely fit and also includes modifications for anyone who is unable to keep up or needs variations due to orthopedic issues – so ALL fitness levels are welcome and encouraged to attend.

This class is perfect for men, women and even teens who want extra conditioning for athletics and after-school progarms. A heart rate monitor is recommended for those who want to track their progress and monitor their heartrate; however, NO EQUIPMENT is necessary – just bring a mat, a towel and plenty of water.[/onehalflast]

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