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Ignite your fat burning potential

Eliminate foods that are making you sick

Control weight gaining hormones

Learn to love clean, healthy foods

For over 25 years, I’ve helped hundreds of people lose weight and keep it off. My clients have used this detox to shed up to 13 lbs and kickstart new, healthy lifestyles!

The Two-Week Detox Plan works because it addresses the very issues that are keeping you from losing weight. It’s not just a diet plan, but an educational e-book that teaches you how weight loss works. By addressing this key component of your health, you may also rid your body of fatigue, bloating, reflux and other symptoms of a poor diet.

Dieting is tough. That’s why I designed the Two-Week Detox to be filled with delicious food options. You will start your morning with a tasty shake and have several choices for meals and snacks throughout the day. You can even enjoy a morning cup of coffee! Most importantly, the detox will stop those unhealthy cravings, so you can continue to stay healthy beyond these two weeks.

Total Lifestyle Package
Support Package
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Two-Week Detox E-Book
Coaching & Support
30 Days via Email
60 Days via Email
Personalized Diet Plan
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What people are saying…

“I lost 12 lbs in two weeks on BodyDesigns Two-Week Detox Plan! Best of all my reflux and IBS disappeared and my chronic pain issues were severely diminished. The Detox Plan was an eye opener for me as I learned which foods were causing my health issues and then watched the weight just fall off! The Detox Plan changed the way I will eat forever!”

-Jessica T., Delaware

“I completed The Two-Week Detox Plan and lost 13 lbs.! Since the detox I have more energy, less bloating, am more focused and overall just feel so much better and more alive. I have kept the weight off and continued to lose with a personalized diet plan from Mary. I no longer crave sugar and processed foods and look forward to my new eating plan as a way of life. I would recommend this plan to anyone looking to lose weight and improve thier health.”

-Marge M., Georgia

“I just completed Mary’s two week detox and I feel amazing. I lost 9.5 lbs pounds. Almost 10 lbs. in two weeks is amazing! But the best part is I didn’t feel hungry or deprived while detoxing, and I was able to stick with it while traveling and eating out. My clothes fit again and the detox program launched me into a healthier, cleaner lifestyle. Thanks Mary!”

– Liz D., Georgia

Add-Ons to Fuel Success

Support Package: BodyDesigns Two-Week Detox E-Book + Nutritional Coaching and Support for only $39.99!

NEED ADDITIONAL SUPPORT? Consider adding on Nutrition Coaching Support. Embarking on a program like this may seem a little daunting. You don’t have to go about this alone. With the Nutrition Coaching Support get your questions answered along with motivational support. No worries if we need to make an adjustment to the plan because of an upcoming business trip or to suit your individual taste. With the Nutrition Coaching and Support you have help and inspiration throughout your detox plan. Includes unlimited email support from Monday-Friday 9-5 pm for 30 days from date of purchase.

“I had so many questions before I began and Mary was quick to answer them all with a lot of patience. When I needed an adjustment to my morning shake Mary was right there able to help me with changes to make it perfect for me! I lost 11 lbs in just two weeks and Mary made it so easy! I’m starting a personal diet plan with her now that I am finished with the detox and I’m looking forward to losing a few more pounds and eating healthy for a lifetime!”

– Barbara H., Florida

Total Lifestyle Package: The Support Package Plus Personalized Diet Plan for only $299.99!

This package gives you unlimited email support throughout your Detox Plan plus a customized lifestyle diet plan to follow after you complete the Detox Plan. Your Personalized Diet plan will be based on your likes, dislikes, dietary restrictions and health and weight goals. You get a one hour consultation in person or on the phone where Mary gathers the information she needs to develop your plan. You receive the plan with several choices for meals and snacks throughout the day. Mary follows and supports you through email for an additional 30 days making changes and modifications if necessary. If changing your lifestyle to keep the weight off permanently is your goal then this package is for you!

“I did Mary’s Detox Plan in June and lost 8 lbs. After a few days I developed a headache and I think it was from my body withdrawing from sugar and toxic foods that I no longer eat. After the initial week I noticed the swelling under my kneecap that has plagued me for years was diminished. I no longer have the rumbling gut syndrome that I had before eliminating dairy and gluten. My cravings for sweets and carbohydrates was gone by the 4th day! I have kept my weight off and continued to lose to a total of 25 lbs. following Mary’s personal diet plan that she did for me. It was such an easy transition from the detox to my new lifestyle. I enjoy utilizing Mary’s site for recipes and encouragement! I love how I eat and I love how I feel as the detox changed my eating habits forever.”

– Janet T., Georgia

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