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Mary Sabat MS, RDN LD

Nutrition Expert and Coach

We’ve Got You Covered!
8-Week Body Transformation Challenge

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight with JUST diet or JUST exercise then you know it doesn’t work.  Sure, you might lose a few pounds but to lose body FAT and keep the weight off you need BOTH! That’s why we’ve teamed up to bring you our expertise combining the BEST in fitness AND Nutrition to bring you 8-Week Body Transformation Challenge.

Diet alone can leave you flabby and lower your metabolism.

Exercise alone doesn’t burn off enough calories to help you see a big enough difference.

By combining the two in our unique program you lose weight and transform your body and lose those unwanted pounds

BUT WAIT – this is NOT just about weight loss! To really lose weight and keep it off you also must get the inside of your body healthy. Did you know that you can’t lose weight if your body is full of toxins and your liver isn’t working properly? Our Nutrition part of this program is going to kick off your weight loss with BodyDesigns Two-Week Detox Plan. This plan has been a huge success among Mary’s clients and the testimonials speak for themselves. People that started the program with fatigue, struggling to lose weight, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, and a host of other health ailments report amazing relief from health issues and symptoms as the pounds melt away.

So, what are you waiting for?  Check out this amazing package we’ve put together to bring you success!  Are you ready to transform your body?

NEW!  Pick your own start date.  We realize that not everyone is ready at the same time of year so we now offer the challenge all year round, you choose the best date for you when you sign up.

What’s Included:

Nutrition Part

BodyDesigns Two-Week Detox Plan  

Detox your body from sugar and chemicals
Eliminate sugar cravings
Detox your liver allowing your body to burn fat again
Discover hidden food sensitivities

•BodyDesigns Detox Friendly Recipe Book

Eat real food as you discover easy day-to-day recipes to use on your detox plan.

•Nutrition Guidelines for Healthy Eating 

Finally a list of foods that are healthy to eliminate all the confusion in the marketplace.

•Food Substitution List

Find delicious, healthy alternatives to your favorite foods from this list of product substitutions.

•Weekly Motivation, Guidelines and Recipe Ideas

Each week you receive guidance and suggestions of recipes to try so you can continue making changes to your diet throughout the entire 8 weeks.

•Unlimited email support with Mary Sabat MS, RDN, LD

Mary is with you every step of the way to answer questions or help you make adjustments to your diet.   A Nutritionist on call!

•Future discounts on a Lifestyle Diet Plan

If you still need more personal guidance after the program we got you covered with a $50 discount on a personal Lifestyle Plan. Get a diet designed just for you with daily food monitoring by Mary. This is a great option that will follow you for the rest of your life, keeping you slim and healthy forever.

Exercise Part

•8 Weeks of Personalized Workouts

Training should be specific to your goals. Megan (a Certified Exercise Physiologist) will write a workout program specific to your goals, the exercise equipment you have access to, as well as any injuries or limitations you may have. These workouts will help you reach your goals in a safe and efficient manner.

•Exercise Demonstration Videos

Every exercise prescribed has a video demonstration to help ensure proper form and safety.

•Unlimited email support from Megan Hill, M.Ed., C-EP

Whether you need to modify an exercise or just need some motivation or anything in between, Megan is there for you to help you through out the challenge!

•Future discounts on Remote Personal Training

Once the challenge is complete and you would like to continue training with Megan, you will get $25 off your first training program. Continuing training will help you maintain your progress as it is important to keep your muscles challenged to allow for adaptation!


•Access to Private Facebook Group

Making a lifestyle change is quite difficult but you are not alone! The Facebook Support Group allows for additional support and motivation throughout challenge. It is also a great resource for additional health tips!

•BodyDesigns Yoga Stretch for All Levels

This very special yoga stretch video is perfect to do after your workouts or on your days off!  Just 35 minutes, it demonstrates a total body, safe yoga stretch routine.


ALL this for only $99 ($425 value) – but hurry because the price goes up soon!

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Mary Sabat MS, RDN, LD

Mary Sabat

Mary graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. She continued her education receiving a Masters degree in Nutrition from Rutgers University and becoming a Registered Dietitian. She has developed and implemented wellness and weight loss programs for the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey while serving as a faculty member in one of their residency programs. As a consultant she has worked in various weight loss programs and spoken at lunch and learns for small company employees. Her book, BodyDesigns Two-Week Detox Plan has helped thousands of people achieve weight loss and wellness by giving them a jump start on their Lifestyle Diet Plans.

She is certified in personal training by the American Council of Exercise (ACE) and upholds the highest standards in the field of exercise science. With so many years of nutrition counseling under her belt, Mary not only develops personal Lifestyle Diet Plans for her clients to follow but acts as their coach, motivating and advising them as they learn to make permanent lifestyle changes. As a Nutrition Coach she also has packages where she will go into the home and help with label reading, cleaning out the pantry, how to grocery shop, meal planning and recipe preparation. She loves to simplify recipes, making them not just healthy but easy to follow so people can find the time to get back into the kitchen and eat real food again.

8-Week Body Transformation Challenge
Dean Morse, CSCS, C-EP & Megan Hill, M.Ed., C-EP


Megan has athletic experience in Collegiate Gymnastics & Track & Field (pole vault & hammer throw) at Auburn University (2005-2010) and she was also a pilot for the US Women’s Bobsled Team (2010-2013). She is currently a National level Weightlifter. Her certifications include ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist, USATF Level 1 Coach, as well as a certified USA Gymnastics Instructor. She also has her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Health Promotion from Auburn University.

Dean has training experience from working with those who have just been released from Physical Therapy or Cardiac Rehab to those who are professional athletes. He was the Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Huntsville Havoc professional hockey team as well as the strength coach for Team USA Duathlete Pamela Evans, as well as an Exercise Physiologist for Huntsville Hospital. His certifications include: NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist, USA Weightlifting Level 1 Coach, and CrossFit Level 1 Coach. He also earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Auburn University in Health Promotion.


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