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Healthy Easter Basket Stuffers

Easter is right around the corner so it’s time to start thinking about what the Easter Bunny will bring the kids this year.  Although most Easter basket’s include lots of chocolate and candy,  filling a basket with some healthy alternatives is just what the doctor ordered.  After all, we do have a major problem with obesity and fatty liver in our country.  

When planning your Easter basket, it’s also fun to have a theme.  Older kids might like a sport theme or a movie theme while the younger ones might enjoy some outdoor games and toys.  When my kids were young I also used to find reusable Easter baskets like a large bucket for the beach or a sports themed large tin that they could keep as a storage bin.  The ideas are endless but I’ve spent some time finding some healthy, inexpensive Easter Basket stuffers that I think you will enjoy.  Check them out.

For the Toddlers

Little ones need toys that are colorful and safe.  They don’t care so much about a theme because they won’t really get it at this age.  Try finding items that will be fun and educational.  Below are a few items I picked out for the toddlers.


Health Easter Basket Stuffers

Kids Gardening Play Set is my first choice for my toddler grandson.  I can’t wait for him to open this up on Easter morning and start a garden of his own.  These are real yet safe tools for kids under 3 which are hard to find.  Buy it here.



Fubbles are spill proof bubbles which are so much fun for the young kids and perfect for clumsy little hands.  Let them do it themselves without worrying about making a mess.  Comes with a 4 oz. bottle of a non toxic bubble and can be refilled with anything of your choice.  Buy it here.


Healthy Easter Basket Stuffers

BUNMO Pop Tubes – Kids will spend hours with these creative play tubes.  These tubes connect to make challenging play for the littlest to creative play for the older ones.  At this price it makes my number one choice for a basket stuffer.  Buy it here.




Finger Crayons perfect for toddlers.  Click, stack and color.  Children can drawer with all 10 at once.  Great for tiny hands.  Colorful and fun!  Find them here.


Super Z Outlet Animal Finger Puppets.  Perfect for imaginary playtime.  These 10 animal puppets will add some excitement to your toddlers Easter Basket.  Find them here.



Tomy Toomies Hide and Squeak Eggs are a fun and educational gift.  The 6 eggs crack open to reveal 6 colorful chicks.  Press their heads down to make them chirp. Two matching games for tiny hands.  Children will learn shapes and colors as well as matching the shells to the right egg.  Perfect for your toddlers Easter basket.  Find it here.



Healthy Easter Basket Stuffers

GeoSafari Jr. Kidnoculars – Let your little adventurous one have some fun exploring with these kid binoculars.  Makes a cute addition to the basket and leads to some learning fun.  Check them out here.



If I Were a Rabbit touch and feel book for babies and toddlers.  Every kids basket should include a book and this one is perfect for the young ones.  Find it here.



Healthy Easter Basket Stuffers

That’s It Real Fruit Bars – These 100% fruit bars are just fruit.  Non-GMO, no preservatives with just the simple ingredient of fruits.  The little ones will enjoy these special treats while getting a good healthy snack in their basket.  Great for the entire family.  Check them out here.



For Young Children (3-10)

At this age you can do a themed basket.  A basket full of art supplies for your little artist or one full of balls for your sports fanatic.  This is a good time to find a fun alternative to the traditional basket as a means to carry the goodies.  Think Beach Bucket and Shovel Set or Sporty Tote Bag.  At this age they might like a little candy so I’ve included a healthier alternative to jelly beans.  Here are a few items I like for this age.


Healthy Easter Basket Stuffers

Wooden Airplanes are some good, old-fashioned fun.  Spend time building these little airplanes then letting the kids go wild out in the yard.  This should bring back some childhood memories for many of us.  Find them here.



healthy easter basket stuffers

Sticker Pads make for some rainy day fun or just a good afternoon activity.  These include 3 extra large pads and stickers that can be reused over and over again.  Find them here.




Anna’s Rainbow Jump Rope for kids is colorful and lightweight.  This durable jump rope has soft easy to grip foam handles.  Encourage your kids to get outside and have some fun moving their bodies.  Find it here.


Regal Games Chalk City includes 20 pieces of washable side walk chalk.  Encourage your kids to play hopscotch and be creative outside instead of sitting in front of a video game.  Find it here.


Gardening Tools for kids makes a great gift and if your little one shows lots of interest you can make the whole basket a theme.  Getting kids involved in a vegetable garden has shown to increase their intake of healthy vegetables.  This gift gets them more active and can improve nutrition.  Find it here.


Carson BugView is a catch and release box with magnifier for your little explorer.  This is just another great way to get kids outside playing.  Today’s kids are too sedentary and need to connect with nature to be healthier.  Find it here.



God Gave Us Easter is a kid’s book for ages 3 and up that uses a Polar bear and his father to teach about the season of Easter.  Every kid should understand why they are celebrating the holiday and this is a great gift to include in the basket.  Find it here.



healthy easter basket stuffers


Lego BrickHeadz Easter Bunny building kit features moveable ears, decorative carrots and more.  This will keep the kids busy for awhile on Easter morning.  Find it here.



Spoke Beads are an inexpensive and fun way to get your child outside riding their bike.  Take the boredom out of riding with these colorful beads that add sound and fun to their riding experience.  One mom even told her kids it made the bikes go faster and they believed it!  Buy them here.



Healthy Easter Basket Stuffers

Swim Googles – With summer right around the corner these swim googles will be a big hit.  They come in a pack of two with many choices for fun colors.  Get ready for summer with this cool stuffer.  Find them here.



Healthy Easter Basket Stuffers

Slingshot Finger Rockets – What kid doesn’t love to run outside to shoot off some rockets?  For hours of fun, check out these cool finger rockets.  They fly over 100 feet and even light up for nighttime fun.  Lightweight and safe for kids 3-9 + for indoor or outdoor play.  Check them out here.



Yum Earth Organic Sour Beans are a great alternative to traditional ones that can be full of artificial coloring and flavors as well as high fructose corn syrup which can affect the health of our livers.  They are organic, gluten free and non GMO.   These come in 10 snack packs so you can control how many they eat at one setting.  Find them here.



Older Kids and Teens (10 and up)

This is a great age to do the theme basket and really get away from the candy altogether.  Older kids might appreciate a healthy chocolate option listed below but for the most part they are usually happiest with fun things.  Again, like with the younger kids I think getting them outside and moving is key to a healthy body and weight.  I’ve found some items below that might fit into a theme and also encourage activity.


Healthy Easter Basket Stuffers

Ultimate Skip Ball – Get the kids outside enjoying the pool or beach with this ultimate game where the ball skips across the water.  Voted the hottest new beach toy for 2023, you are going to want to get one of these for your water loving kids.  Check it out here.



Nite IZE Flashflight LED Flying Disc is perfect for some night time or day time fun.  Take it to the beach because it floats.  Get them moving with this all time favorite game.  Find it here.



Healthy Easter Basket Stuffers

Activ Life Kids Flying Disc Rings – For outdoor fun that gets the kids moving, stuff the basket with these cool, lightweight flying discs.  Touted as the best selling flying toys, these make a great gift idea for older kids.  Check them out here.



aGreatLife Huge Rainbow Kite for Kids is a great way to get them out and running.  Not only does it encourage movement but they learn critical thinking skills and coordination learning to launch and fly.  Find it here.



Healthy Easter Basket Stuffers

Nail Polish – These sparkly nail polish colors will dazzle any young girl and add some fun to the season.  Check them out here.



Healthy Easter Basket Stuffers

Smack It Card Game – Playing games is such a great way to get the family together or just entertain kids for hours one end.  The game combines two classic games, slap jack and war to create fun for the whole family.  Adding some small games to the basket is a great idea and this one is different and highly rated.  Check it out here.



Fitbit Ace for Kids is one of the newer activity monitors focused just on kids.  It fits their wrist, comes in two bright colors and sends them fun messages when they hit their goals.  Monitors sleep, steps and active minutes.  Another great way to keep our kids active.  Find it here.


Wicked Big Kickball will thrill the kids and adults.  Take the kids back to a time where playing outside with their friends was the only thing they wanted to do.  Bring it along on vacations or start a neighborhood weekly game.  Find it here.


The Don’t Laugh Challenge Easter Edition Joke Book will have your kids entertaining the whole family at dinner.  Great addition to the older kids basket.  Find it here.



ChocZero makes a great chocolate product for kids or adults.  This chocolate is made with no artificial anything and sweetened with monk fruit.  Monk fruit is a  non-caloric sweetener that does not spike blood sugar and is considered natural and safe.  This is a great way to include some chocolate in your older kids baskets and it’s healthy too.  Find it here.

I think this should give you some good ideas on how to make a healthy Easter Basket this year.  Remember that American children in general are overweight and undernourished.  Even though it’s just one holiday, it’s just another reason to fill them up with unhealthy treats full of high fructose corn syrup, sugar and artificial colors and flavorings.  In addition, kids are not active enough so what better way to encourage some activity and creative play.

Hope you have a Blessed Easter Sunday and enjoy some outside time with the family.

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