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Some of My Favorite Things for Your Workout

Essentials for your workout!


stepThe Original Step– this truly is the original step you remember from your step classes in the 80’s.  It’s durable, sturdy, large enough and can adjust to 4, 6 or 8 inches.  You can also buy extra risers if necessary.


weight-rack Weight Rack – a safe gym is important and keeping the weights off the floor will help prevent injury.  This sturdy rack can hold all your weights and keep the neatly displayed.


weights Neoprene Weight Set – for some people that prefer the neoprene weights this is a great set.  You can choose which weights you would like to receive such as 3, 5, 8, 10 and 12 lbs. or you can add heavier weights.  Several options make these perfect for someone who likes the feel of a neoprene weight instead of a traditional medal one.


Some of my Favorite things for working out

Workout Bench – this makes it easy to slide it away if you need the space.  Easily moves from flat to incline, with several different degrees.  Great for anyone who finds themselves working out at home more these days.



gymbossGymboss Interval Timer  – this little timer is great for your interval workouts.   Set it up for whatever time intervals you want and clip it to yourself or just lay it down and go!  I use this all the time for my clients and they love it!


paella-knee-strapPatella Knee Strap -Y-SportLive patella knee strap is specially designed to reduce symptoms of patellar tendonitis, also known as runner’s knee, as well as Osgood-Schlatter disease (patella tracking).  I use these knee straps every time I work out to protect my cartilage under my kneecap from wearing away.  This particular type is easy to put on and comes in a two pack which is a bonus.


some of my favorite things for healthy meals and snacks

Cho Pat Dual Knee Strap – If you need a little more support, this knee strap protects the cartilage under your kneecap but also wraps across the top of the knee cap which keeps it from moving.  I graduated to this type of strap when I tore my meniscus and I like it better for the stability it gives my knee in addition to protecting it from wearing away underneath.  



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OMG Electrolyte Drink – Stop drinking those sport drinks full of sugar and chemicals and grab some OMG instead. This new way to hydrate is breaking ground with patent pending technology that allows your body to absorb electrolytes in 2 minutes.  This quick absorption system along with the clean ingredients make it ideal for hydrating all day long.  Not just for athletes, this drink will help even the youngest of children stay hydrated and brain happy.  Check them out at their pre launch sale now. 


foam-rollerFoam Roller – This basic foam roller is essential for any home.  “Rolling” before and after a workout can be very beneficial in the treatment or prevention of injuries.  I like the longer one as there are several uses for releasing muscle tightness in the shoulder and back area that require the longer length.  A shorter one will work fine for just legs but  it makes more sense to invest in the longer one.  This is a sturdy, dense, high quality roller that I keep in my gym.


kettlebellsKettlebells – Kettlebells are all the rage.  If you are looking to improve strength and stamina this might be a nice addition for your gym.  My clients find that their kettlebell workouts increase heart rate quicker, work to stabilize the muscles and adds a different, dynamic dimension to their training.  These kettlebells are a great price, offering 3 good beginner to intermediate weights (10, 15 and 20 lbs.), have a good handle and are made from cast iron. The handle size is important for not just comfort but functionality allowing for safe movements.


some of my favorite things for my workout

Resistance Bands – Get that booty you always wanted with resistance bands.  What I like about this set is it comes with a variety of exercises so the bands don’t just collect dust on your shelves.  Three strengths from beginner to professional.



stability-ballStability Ball – Every gym needs a stability (Swiss) ball.  These balls are great for wall squats, assisted push ups, core exercise and more.  An inexpensive way to do so many exercises.  I like this company because its a sturdy ball, comes in various sizes and colors to fit your needs.


med-ballMedicine Ball – A medicine ball is a to add strength and coordination.  This ball comes in a variety of weights at pretty good prices.  Sturdy enough to throw on the ground or against the wall, this will add some fun to any workout.


Some of my favorite things for workouts

Gliding Discs for Hardwood  or Gliding Discs or Carpet  – Gliding discs can be used to work any part of your body in unique ways that really target the muscle.  Easy to carry with you for a hotel workout.  Discs come in a version for hardwood or carpet.  I don’t recommend the brands that flip over as the reviews show the material peels away easily.


Some of my Favorite Things for Your Workout

Bender Ball Core Stability Training Kit – This little soft ball is an excellent way to strengthen key muscles in the abdomen that can also grow faster with supplements like this testosterone booster that can also help with improving flexibility, posture, and balance when used in exercise programs.  My clients very favorite way to do ab work.


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