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50 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

The holidays are upon us and it’s time to start thinking about those special gifts you want to purchase for your loved ones.  This year why not give the gift of health and fitness to those that you love?  The following is a list of some of my favorite fitness toys, kitchen tools and other healthy ideas to make your gift say how much you care.  For your convenience just click on the Amazon links below to find out more about the product or quickly place it in your cart to purchase.



 50 healthy holiday gift ideasFoam Roller – This basic foam roller is essential for any home.  “Rolling” before and after a workout can be very beneficial in the treatment or prevention of injuries.  I like the longer one, as there are several uses for releasing muscle tightness in the shoulder and back area that require the longer length.  A shorter one will work fine for just legs but it makes more sense to invest in the longer one.  This is a sturdy, dense, high quality roller that I keep in my gym.  PRICE:  $23.00  BUY NOW


50 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

New Balance Sliding Discs Dual Sided – These little discs can do so much to enhance your workout.  This pair comes ready to use with carpet or hard woods by simply flipping them over to the opposite side.  Work your legs, glutes and core with easy to advanced workouts.  Pack them up to take with you when you travel for a workout anywhere.  PRICE:  $14.99  BUY NOW


Gymboss Plus Interval Timer 50 healthy holiday gift ideas – This little timer is great for your interval workouts.   Set it up for whatever time intervals you want and clip it to yourself or just lay it down and go!  Make sure you get the Plus version because the beeps are louder.   I use this all the time for my clients and for my own workouts as well.  PRICE:  $19.95 BUY NOW


50 healthy holiday gift ideasKettlebells – Kettlebells are all the rage and any gym rat is going to love this deal.  If your loved one is looking to increase strength and stamina this might be the perfect gift.  My clients find that their kettlebell workouts increase heart rate quicker, work to stabilize the muscles and add a different, dynamic dimension to their training.  These kettlebells are a great price, offering 3 good beginner to intermediate weights (5, 10 and 15 lb.), have a good handle and are made from cast iron.   The handle size is important for not just comfort but functionality allowing for safe movements.   As a bonus, they now come with 5 fitness bands.   PRICE:  $38.00 and up  BUY NOW


Weighted Ropeless Jump Rope50 healthy holiday gift ideas – Jump rope can be an excellent way to strengthen your cardiovascular system and burn loads of calories.  Some people find it hard to skip rope due to space constraints or even some lack of coordination.  The Ropeless Jump Rope is one of my clients very favorite toys, allowing them to feel successful and get a good calorie burn without constantly having to stop because they stepped on the rope.  PRICE:  $14.99  BUY NOW


50 healthy holiday gift ideas

Bender Ball Knock Off – Ask any of my clients what their favorite core workout would be and they say Bender Ball.  This ball inflates to a soft ball that can be used in many different ways to strengthen all the core muscles.  What people love about it is they can put it behind their back and do crunches without engaging their neck or hip flexor muscles.  A great gift for anyone of any age or fitness ability.  PRICE:  $9.99   BUY NOW


Jumpsport Mini Trampoline50 healthy holiday gift ideas – Rebounding as part of your exercise routine has some amazing benefits.  Studies have shown that it improves balance in the elderly, reduces incontinence, builds bone mass, improves cardiovascular function, increases lymphatic system flow, reduces risk of injuries and its fun!  My clients love having interval time on the my Jumpsport but having one in your own gym to use everyday would be very beneficial to your health.  This is a great price for a very sturdy and well built product.  Don’t be fooled by the cheap ones and don’t get sucked  into spending twice as much on some of the others.  PRICE:  $249.99  BUY NOW


50 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

BOSU Balance Trainer – This funny looking “half circle” is actually a tool used by many personal trainers and physical therapists to help people improve fitness and strengthen muscles while working on balance and coordination.  I like to use it in my gym for an endurance interval or to work on balance while doing strength training exercises standing on top of the dome.  The word BOSU means “both sides up” because there are exercises you can do on both sides of the dome.  Tons of online videos and workout ideas available.  PRICE:  $89.00   BUY NOW 



50 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

UShake Slim Running Belt – This adjustable belt has plenty of space for phones, ipod’s, keys, wallets or whatever small items you want to carry with you on your workout.  I love mine and wear it even when I walk the dog so I can be hands-free to hold the leash.  Perfect for runners, walkers, hikers or even parents strolling with their kids.  Price:  $11.99  BUY NOW


50 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

Polar H9 Heart Rate Sensor  –  I have searched high and low for an accurate heart rate monitor that won’t cost a fortune.  The Polar watches that I used to recommend have all gone up in price too much to justify.  The Wahoo gives you an accurate heart rate that connects by bluetooth to your phone.  It is comfortable to wear and tracks heart rate, training zones and calories.  Price:  $59.95  BUY NOW


50 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

Fitbit Inspire This is a slimline wearable women’s tracker.  Monitor sleep, steps heart rate, calories burned and more.   Try several dressy band replacements for this one also so you never get bored.  This one is waterproof so you can swim and shower.   Battery life up to 5 days.    PRICE:  $94.00  BUY NOW


50 Heatlhy holiday gift ideas


Fitbit Versa Smart Watch – The Fitbit Versa does some amazing things for an incredible price.   It includes all the basic functions of your typical fitbit plus it can store 300 plus songs, utilize on screen workouts that play on your wrist and coach you through movements in the gym or in the pool.  Track sleep, steps, heart rate, calories burned and sync it up with your phone.  Get calls, texts the weather and more.  The perfect gift for your fitness fanatic.   PRICE:  $161.00  BUY NOW


50 healthy holiday gift ideas

Ace Fitbit for Kids  – Make fitness fun with this kids Fitbit for ages 8 and up.  Tracks activity, sleep, steps with fun clock faces, parent view and so much more.  This is waterproof so no need to worry about taking it off in the shower.  Comes in blue or purple.   PRICE:  $ 109.00  BUY NOW 


Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones50 healthy holiday gift ideas – These high quality, wireless headphones live up to their BOSE reputation for amazing sound.  Sweat proof, comfortable tips and 6 hour battery life make this a great gift for any fitness fanatic.  I use these and also find they hold the charge well.   PRICE:  $89.00  BUY NOW


50 healthy holiday gift ideas

Portable Mini Blender – Now you can take your shake with you to the office, gym or even traveling with this lightweight, BPA free, rechargeable blender.  No more excuses for skipping meals or eating bad on business trips.  A great gift for that athlete that also wants to eat clean everyday.  PRICE:  $19.49  BUY NOW


50 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

Gaiam Yoga Barre Socks – For yoga, pilates or Barre, these socks will keep your feet covered while also giving you a better grip than going barefoot.  Toes are exposed and separated to give you stability for strength and balance moves.  Super comfortable and they come in many fun colors.  PRICE:  $9.98  BUY NOW


50 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

Fit Active Sport Weight Lifting Gloves – These ventilated gloves will protect your hands and offer wrist support.  The wrist supports protect you from over use injuries of the wrist often associated with lifting heavy weights.  Available in a variety of sizes, the perfect gift for the gym rat in your life.  PRICE:  $19.95  BUY NOW



Inversion Table
50 healthy holiday gift ideas – This is a great value for the price having all the bells and whistles of its competitors that sell for over $1000.  These tables help to reduce back stress, fatigue and improve circulation but is a must for anyone with back pain.  The Innova Inversion Table makes a great household accessory for someone who struggles with back pain but it also has other functions as well.  The table can help increase flexibility, reduce effects of aging due to gravity and relieve body aches due to sitting and standing too much.  I love this machine and personally use it myself.  PRICE:  $115.00  BUY NOW


50 healthy holiday gift ideas  Aromatherapy Diffuser with Oils – Diffusing essential oils throughout your home or workplace not only smells amazing but essential oils have some amazing health benefits.  This is a great set to help someone get started using the oils.   I use one in my gym and have others around my home.  PRICE:  $33.95  BUY NOW


50 healthy holiday gift ideasiReliev TENS and EMS Machine Combo  – TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and is a safe, non-invasive pain relief used by many chiropractors and physical therapists.  EMS is Electrical Muscle Stimulation and causes muscle contractions using electrical impulses.  EMS helps with muscle recovery from overuse or strains.  Easy to use and comes with everything you need.  This one has 25 levels of intensity, 5-60 minute timer, lock function, dual channel and is very portable.  If you or someone in your family is very active or into sports this is a great tool to have in the home to assist in a quicker recovery from overuse injuries.  PRICE:  $74.95  BUY NOW


Trigger Point Therapy Kit50 healthy holiday gift ideas – This kit contains everything you need to improve your flexibility, range of motion and tissue strength.  Trigger Point Therapy gets deep into the tissue to relieve tight trigger points preventing you from properly stretching your muscles.  Comes with easy to follow instructions and videos available online.  I use this kit daily for prevention of injuries and releasing trigger points to relieve pain.  PRICE:  $113.00  BUY NOW




50 healthy holiday gift ideas

iDOO Hydroponic Garden with Herb Starter Kit – Imagine having fresh herbs all year round without the mess of gardening?  This indoor garden does it all for you.  I choose to feature this smaller one that comes with herbs because it had a fair price point for a gift and truthfully I figured most people have a few favorite herbs they want for cooking.  I know I really want fresh basil all year round so I think I would do basil in the whole pot.  No mess system uses just water to grow and no need for natural light as the light is provided for you.  This is perfect for any home and a great gift for your healthy foodie.  PRICE:  79.00  BUY NOW


50 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

Instant Pot – This amazing pot will not only cook your meals in just minutes but it also acts as a slow cooker, warmer, steamer, rice cooker and is perfect to saute your meal first.  Everything happens in this one pot and it’s quick (thus the name).  My clients rave about their Instant Pot and how being able to throw an entire meal in for the family and be eating in 20 minutes has really saved them from eating out or grabbing processed foods on the go.  This is a must for busy families who want to eat healthy.  PRICE:  $79.00   BUY NOW


50 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

GreaterGoods Digital Food Scale – This inexpensive scale works perfectly to help you measure accurately when cooking or logging your food.  Flat design makes it easy to slip away when not in use.  PRICE:  $13.95  BUY NOW



50 Healthy Holiday Gifts Ideas

GoWise Air Fryer – Now you can have your fried chicken and eat it too without ruining your clean eating plan.  Imagine serving up crispy, fried food without all the calories of traditionally deep fried foods.  This little handy kitchen item uses little to no oil to make anything from fried chicken, french fries, pizza, steak and so much more.  PRICE:  $74.99 BUY NOW


50 healthy holiday gift ideas

Nesco Dehydrator with Jerky Gun – This is the dehydrator that I use.  I love that it comes with the jerky gun.  I make amazing chicken jerky that is a great addition to breakfast or for a snack.  This dehydrator does not have a timer so when I do something that must be timed I have to make sure to set a timer.  Most fruits and vegetables stay in the dehydrator for 12-24 hours so I find it easy to just put it on and let it go overnight.PRICE:  $78.00  BUY NOW


Vitamix 5300 50 healthy holiday gift ideas – A kitchen without a high-speed blender is not a kitchen!  Vitamix is a brand that I use and trust.   I waited years because I thought they were too expensive but once I had one I wished I hadn’t waited so long.  It’s amazing what you can do – make shakes, soup, ice cream, chop, blend, mix, make peanut butters, flours, etc.  The hardest decision is deciding which color to buy!  PRICE:  $392.00 BUY NOW


50 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

Yonanas 902 Classic Soft Serve Maker – Easily create yummy tasting treats by adding any combination of chocolate, or fruits like over-ripe bananas, berries, or mango to the chute for a smooth “ice-cream” like taste.  This will not only save you money on ice cream but be a healthy alternative for the entire family.  Comes with a recipe book for several delicious ideas.  This is a must if you have small children or are often throwing out overripe bananas.  PRICE:  $44.94  BUY NOW


50 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

Magnetic Menu Board for Kitchen Fridge – Plan the meals to not only help keep you on track but let the whole family know what’s cooking for the week.  Keep track of groceries needed as you run out.  Comes with neon chalk markers that are easy to erase.  PRICE:  $17.90  BUY NOW


 50 healthy holiday gift ideas Hand Held Spiralizer Kit – If you are looking for healthy alternatives to pasta then making “zoodles” from  vegetables will be something you want to try.  This kit does It all at a very reasonable price point.    PRICE:  $11.97  BUY NOW


50 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

Mueller Adjustable Mandolin – If you don’t have one of these you are missing out!  I LOVE my mandolin for making sweet potato or zucchini chips or just for slicing tomatoes.  The hands free model is a must to protect your fingers from getting sliced!  PRICE:  $34.97  BUY NOW



50 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

Silicone Muffin Cups – Everyone who likes to bake needs to have these so they can cook batches of their favorite muffins.  No more messy sprays or scrubbing the coating off pans.  High quality 100% food grade silicone and are FDA approved and BPA free; microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe and heat resistant to 450F, they are made to last a lifetime.  PRICE:  $9.99  BUY NOW


50 healthy holiday gift ideas


Dash Black Rapid Egg Cooker – If you like to make hard-boiled eggs to have on hand like I do then you MUST have one of these in your kitchen!  I absolutely love this and use it every single week.  I put the eggs in the cooker and turn it on.  It takes about 10 minutes for a hard-boiled egg and has a good loud alarm when they are done.  These eggs come out perfect every single time and peel easily.  I’ve tried baking eggs and boiling eggs but I could never figure out how to make an egg that would easily peel until I got this for Christmas one year.  I highly recommend it for every kitchen. PRICE:  $17.99  BUY NOW

Lemon Squeezer
50 healthy holiday gift ideas – You can spend a lot more on a lemon squeezer but I bought this one and it works great.  Since I like to have fresh lemon water every morning and also throughout the day it makes the task of squeezing a bunch of lemons take only minutes. PRICE:  $8.95  BUY NOW


50 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

Salad Chopper – This is my favorite kitchen tool and I use it daily. This little gadget will change the way you eat salad and make every salad into a gourmet meal.  Simply rock the handle back and forth to chop your salad up very fine.  All the flavors of the add ons will blend together to make an amazing salad.  A must have tool for anyone trying to eat clean, enjoys salads or just wants to dress up a boring side dish.  PRICE:  $10.98 BUY NOW

Add a  Stainless Steel Bowl to the Salad Chopper above for the perfect gift combination.  The chopper works best when using a stainless steel bowl making this the perfect add on to your gift.  I use this one daily and just chop and eat from the same bowl although it’s plenty large enough to make a salad for a few people.  PRICE:  $8.17  BUY NOW


50 healthy holiday gift ideas PowerLix Milk Frother – If your loved one likes lattes they will love being able to froth their own milk in seconds.   I had another brand that worked well also but it didn’t have a stand and it broke because its a bit delicate.  This allows me to keep it standing upright on the counter and allows it to dry in the stand.  Great for frothing the milk for your coffee but I also use it for making Tumeric Milk at night. PRICE:  $13.48  BUY NOW


50 healthy holiday gift ideas

Nutrabullet Pro– For the smoothie and calorie conscious person in your life this is an amazing gift.  This blender has a built in bluetooth smart nutrition sensor that connects with an APP on your phone to tell you the exact nutritional content of your shake.  It is powerful at 1200 watts so you can blend all kinds of things.  Comes with a recipe guide, 1 year warranty and more.  PRICE:  $89.99  BUY NOW




50 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

Medical Medium Liver Rescue – Anthony Williams is a proclaimed medium who has helped people heal from illnesses that are commonly treated with  drugs by the medical community.  It’s a very interesting story that I would recommend for anyone who is open enough to consider this gift he has been given is a fact.  All his recommendations for reversing diseases such as Hashimoto’s, autism, ADHD, etc are natural using foods and herbs found easily in any store.  For anyone who has been frustrated by conventional treatments and is open to his recommendations, this is a great gift idea.  PRICE:  $19.29  BUY NOW


50 healthy holiday gift ideas

Whole Food Cooking Every Day – Transform the way you eat with 250 vegetarian recipes free of gluten, dairy and refined sugar.  You won’t believe how plant based eating can taste when you try these amazing recipes.  The perfect gift for that someone who is looking to be more plant-based or is already a vegetarian looking for some new, tasty recipe ideas.  PRICE:  $25.52  BUY NOW


50 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

Eat Clean, Play Dirty – Recipes for a body and life you love by the founders of Sakara Life.  I received this amazing cookbook from one of my dearest friends this year and I love it.  The recipes are fun and flavorful.  Danielle and Whitney show you how to enjoy healthy food and find that balance between enjoying life and enjoying food.  Highly recommend for your foodie who loves to cook healthy.  Price:  $26.99  BUY NOW


50 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas


Danielle Walkers Eat What You Want:  Comfort Foods You Crave – Grain Free, Dairy Free and Paleo– Danielle’s latest book really hits home for everyday life.  This book has 125 recipes including breakfast, packable lunches, quick and easy, one-pot and make-ahead meals to make life easier for the family trying to eat healthy.  PRICE:  $24.12 BUY NOW




50 healthy holiday gift ideas

Joie’s Fresh Pod Avocado Keeper – For the avocado lover this little container will keep cut avocado fresh, firm and odor free.  Made from BPA-free material it will reduce food waste, keep fridge neat and clean and is great for taking with you for meals or snacks.  PRICE:  $6.49  BUY NOW


50 healthy holiday gift ideasNUUN Electrolyte Replacement – stop drinking those sport drinks full of sugar and chemicals and try this stevia sweetened, electrolyte replacement during your workout or tennis game.  PRICE:  $21.76  BUY NOW


50 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

Jason’s Individual Peanut Butter Packs – Stuff those stockings with some natural snacks that everyone can enjoy.  Adults will find them easy to carry for trips or long days at the office and children will love adding them to their lunch box.  PRICE:  $6.90/10 pack  BUY NOW


Paleo Sunbutter Bars50 healthy holiday gift ideas – These are my all time favorite bars from this company.  They are made from only 4 organic ingredients – egg whites (from Cage FREE USA Farms), organic prebiotic fiber (from tapioca), organic sunflower seeds, monk fruit extract. They have 150 calories and only 5 net carbs.  High in fiber yet they don’t bloat you at all.  These bars taste to me like eating a caramel candy – chewy and sweet.  These bars are my Number 1 Pick for my Top 5 Picks for Healthy Protein Bars list.  PRICE:  $29.99 for 12 bars  BUY NOW


Raw Revolution Glo Bars50 healthy holiday gift ideas – This raw superfoods bar is made from organic and plant-based ingredients.  It’s high protein, high fiber, low net carbs and low sugar.  Certified gluten free, vegan, kosher and non-GMO, this tasty bar is a real treat!  These amazing, tasty bars make my Top 5 Picks for Healthy Protein Bars list.  PRICE:  $22.99 for 12 bars.  BUY NOW


Breathalyzer Alcohol Alert50 healthy holiday gift ideas – It may seem like a silly idea but this little alcohol breath tester may save someone from getting a DUI or worse yet, getting killed in an accident.  Once you’ve had a few drinks it’s hard to gauge if you should be behind the wheel or not.  This little keychain is a great gift for anyone who as a reminder that you care enough to not want them to drink and drive.  PRICE:  $28.95  BUY NOW


50 Healthy Holiday Gifts

Hand Sanitizers with Door Opening Tool – Since the pandemic, everyone wants to be more careful about germs.  These smart looking keychains attach anywhere to keep a hand sanitizer and a door opener tool within reach for anytime you need to be careful in public.  Great stocking stuffer for anyone on your list.  PRICE:  $14.99 for 3 pack  BUY NOW





 50 healthy holiday gift ideasBodyDesigns Lifestyle Diet Plan – Give your loved one a personal Lifestyle Diet Plan which includes a 1 hour consult (by phone, Skype or in person), a personal diet plan, access to all my clean and easy recipes and daily monitoring, accountability and motivation from me. PRICE:  $325 includes 1 month of monitoring and for just $25 more include BodyDesigns Two-Week Detox Plan plus 2 months of monitoring.  Of consider buying someone a package of Personal Training Sessions.  I work with local people in person but for out of state clients I offer Online Training.   Contact me today for a gift certificate and I’ll throw in a gift to wrap up with it. or (404) 918-2941.


50 healthy holiday gift ideasGift Certificate for Massage contact Symmetry Sports and Orthopedic Massage for a gift that anyone will love.  Georgia residents only.  PRICE:  Varies check website


Are you looking to transform your health? Mary works with clients all over the country developing personalized nutrition and exercise plans for weight loss and health. If you’re ready to get started on your journey to health and wellness contact her today!

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