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15 Healthy Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is right around the corner and I want to help you find the perfect gift for your special Dad.  Instead of candy and cookies, why not buy Dad a healthy gift that he can enjoy all year long.  Check out my top 15 selections here but hurry because Father’s Day is right around the corner.


Gymboss Plus Interval Timer 50 healthy holiday gift ideas – This little timer is great for your interval workouts.   Set it up for whatever time intervals you want and clip it to yourself or just lay it down and go!  Make sure you get the Plus version because the beeps are louder.   I use this all the time for my clients and for my own workouts as well.  PRICE:  $21.95  BUY NOW



Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit Charge 3– Another must have gadget for the fit Dad.  The Fitbit Charge 3 monitors your activity, steps, calories, sleep and heart rate.  It will give you a notifications if you get a phone call or text too.  The heart rate function is not always accurate but it works at lower intensity exercises and even during sleep to give you a pretty good average heart rate throughout the day.  Lots of new features including waterproof for swimming in this new updated model.   PRICE:  $99.99  BUY NOW



triggerTrigger Point Therapy Kit – This kit contains everything Dad needs to improve his flexibility, range of motion and tissue strength.  Trigger Point Therapy gets deep into the tissue to relieve tight trigger points preventing you from properly stretching your muscles.  Comes with easy to follow instructions and videos available online.  I use this kit daily for prevention of injuries and releasing trigger points to relieve pain.  PRICE:  $105.15  BUY NOW


Some of my Favorite things for working out

Workout Bench – this makes it easy to slide it away if you need the space.  Easily moves from flat to incline, with several different degrees.  Great for anyone who finds themselves working out at home more these days.  PRICE:  $119.00  BUY NOW



50 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

BOSU Balance Trainer – This funny looking “half circle” is actually a tool used by many personal trainers and physical therapists to help people improve fitness and strengthen muscles while working on balance and coordination.  I like to use it in my gym for an endurance interval or to work on balance while doing strength training exercises standing on top of the dome.  The word BOSU means “both sides up” because there are exercises you can do on both sides of the dome.  Tons of online videos and workout ideas available.  PRICE:  $83.75  BUY NOW 


Healthy Father's Day gifts, Bose Soundsport

Bose Soundsport Wireless Headphones – These made the list because I own them and love them!  They are easy to use, comfortable and they hold a charge for days.  Your Father will love working out with these light weight, great sounding headphones.  PRICE:  $99.00  BUY NOW


Healthy Fathers Day gifts, Golf fathers day gift, personalized golf balls

Personalized Golf Balls – For the Dad who loves golf, let him know how much you love him with these personalized golf balls.  Personalize each ball with up to 3 lines of text.  PRICE:  $29.95  BUY NOW



Healthy Fathers Day Gift Ideas, TRX on the go

TRX Training To GO  – Now Dad can workout anywhere with this easy to set up travel TRX system.  No more excuses for missing workouts on the road.  This system attaches over any doorframe in just seconds.  Comes with instructions and exercise ideas.  PRICE:  $129.95  BUY NOW


healthy fathers day gifts, wirelsss meat thermometer

Wireless Meat Thermometer – Dad gets to enjoy the day too while he rests assured that the grass fed beef steaks are done just perfectly.  No more constant standing over the grill to check the meat.  Let him join in on the festivities while having peace of mind that the main course of the meal isn’t burning on the grill!  PRICE:  $39.99  BUY NOW



Healthy Fathers Day gifts

Ruffage – this vegetarian cookbook helps Dad learn how to prepare vegetables in ways that even the kids will love.  For the healthy Dad who loves to cook and is looking to be more plant-based this makes a perfect gift.  PRICE:  $23. 43 BUY NOW



50 healthy holiday gift ideasiReliev TENS and EMS Machine Combo  – TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and is a safe, non-invasive pain relief used by many chiropractors and physical therapists.  EMS is Electrical Muscle Stimulation and causes muscle contractions using electrical impulses.  EMS helps with muscle recovery from overuse or strains.  Easy to use and comes with everything you need.  This one has 25 levels of intensity, 5-60 minute timer, lock function, dual channel and is very portable.  If you or someone in your family is very active or into sports this is a great tool to have in the home to assist in a quicker recovery from overuse injuries.  PRICE:  $74.95  BUY NOW



15 Healthy FAthers day gift ideas

Your Body Is Your Barbell – your body is your barbell gives the man in your life a way to workout from anywhere.  When gyms are closed and equipment is hard to find this little gem could be the secret to keeping him in shape and in good health.  PRICE:  $18.89  BUY NOW





Nesco Dehydrator with Jerky Gun – This is the dehydrator that I use and I think Dad will love it too especially because it comes with a jerky gun.  I make amazing chicken jerky that is a great addition to breakfast or for a snack.  This dehydrator does not have a timer so when I do something that must be timed I have to make sure to set a timer.  Most fruits and vegetables stay in the dehydrator for 12-24 hours so I find it easy to just put it on and let it go overnight.   PRICE:  $67.99  BUY NOW



healthy fathers day gifts, travel corn hole

Travel Corn Hole – What Dad doesn’t want to play corn hole everywhere they go right?  This collapsable corn hole set is easy to set up and stores away for when not in use.  No more heavy boards to lug around.  PRICE:  $39.99  BUY NOW




NEAT 1BodyDesigns Lifestyle Diet Plan – Give your loved one a personal Lifestyle Diet Plan which includes a 1 hour consult (by phone, Skype or in person), a personal diet plan, access to all my clean and easy recipes and daily monitoring, accountability and motivation from me. PRICE:  $325 includes 1 month of monitoring and $350 includes BodyDesigns Two-Week Detox Plan plus 2 months of monitoring.  


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