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There are so many different supplements on the market its hard to know what is good and what to take.  I only shop for supplements at good nutrition stores that carry dependable, well researched brands of vitamins, minerals and herbs.  Below are a list of some of my favorite ones that help me feel energetic and keep my healthy.  For more recommendations and access to discounted supplements email me for an invitation to order from Fullscript.

ashwandraAshwagandha – an adaptogenic herb popular in Ayurvedic medicine that has shown incredible results for lowering cortisol and balancing thyroid hormones.  I take this everyday and it helps with sleep and stress.  I find that it doesn’t matter if I take it in the morning or at night.


rhodiolaRhodiola –  is another adaptogen herb with tremendous fat burning, energy enhancing and brain boosting power.  I take this every morning to help with energy.  It’s amazing stuff!


bioastin Bioastin – contains a high level of astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant that is found in salmon.  Bioastin also has some other antioxidants and is an amazing supplement to reduce inflammation, improve immunity, for healthy skin and nails, along with many other health benefits.  Astaxanthin is the compound that allows salmon to swim upstream against a strong current for hours.  Many athletes believe that this antioxidant improves endurance.


nacNAC –N-A-C is a form of the essential amino acid cysteine, something used by the body to make glutathione, considered to be the most important antioxidant in our bodies.   Boosting glutathione levels in the body  will improve the immune system, protect the liver, detoxify the liver, and boost cardiovascular health. We all need its anti-inflammatory protection but its critical for anyone with an immune compromised system.


oil-of-oreganoOil Of Oregano – This oil comes from the oregano herb.  This concentrated form of the herb is amazing at fighting off infections.  It acts as an antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal agent.  I always take this a few days before and during any travel or if exposed to someone who has been sick.  When used with a carrier oil is has many topical uses such as treating acne, bacterial skin infections, rosecea and more.


new-chapter New Chapter Women’s Multi – a balanced, whole food supplement for women.  I recommend women take a multi vitamin for insurance that they are meeting all their nutrient needs especially women following a low calorie diet for weight loss.


new-chapter-womens-40New Chapter Womens Multi 40 Plus  a balanced, whole food supplement for women over 40.  I recommend women take a multi vitamin for insurance that they are meeting all their nutrient needs especially women following a low calorie diet for weight loss.


 new-chapter-mensNew Chapter Men’s Multi -a balanced, whole food supplement for men of all ages.  I recommend women take a multi vitamin for insurance that they are meeting all their nutrient needs especially women following a low calorie diet for weight loss.


vitamin-dVitamin D – if you have not been tested for vitamin D deficiency then I recommend you ask your doctor for a test.  Most of my clients end up on at least 5000 IU of vitamin D daily to try to reach optimal levels.  Vitamin D deficiency has been associated with cancer, fatigue, immune disorders and a host of other health related conditions.  I like this supplement because it contains olive oil and any oil will help vitamin D be absorbed better.  I also recommend you take your vitamin D with a fatty meal or a fish oil supplement.  For best results I take all my fat soluble vitamins in the evening.


calm Calm Magnesium – It is estimated that up to 80% of  Americans are deficient in magnesium.  Magnesium works to relax muscles, prevent and alleviate many health complaints such as headaches, constipation, cramps, and more. It also helps restore cellular balance as a result of the body’s stress response.  For good sleep and help with constipation start with 1/2 tsp. in the evening and increase as needed by 1/2 tsp. per day until you reach the optimal level for you.  


  fish-oilFish Oil –  You may have been told by your doctor to take fish oil.  Fish oil is a good source of omega 3 essential fatty acids (EFA).  EFA’s have been shown to aid in the treatment of heart disease, high cholesterol, ADHD and other brain related disorders, weakened immune system, cancer, diabetes, inflammation, Alzheimer’s disease, eye disorders, macular degeneration and ulcers. We even have the vets recommending it for our pets.  The important thing to look for is a clean source.  Again, I trust New Chapter to be free from toxins and provide a powerful source of omega 3.  Another way to get your EFA’s is to include fatty fish in your diet 3-4 times a week.


  ubiquonalUbiquinol – Ubiquinol is a the active form of Coenzyme Q10.  It is naturally produced in our bodies and is shown to have quite powerful antioxidant potential.  People on statins to lower cholesterol often require high doses of this as the statins will drain them of this natural chemical.  This would be essential for anyone on a statin as well as other conditions such as periodontal disease.  


  vitamin-bVitamin B Complex –  Most people should get enough B vitamins from food however certain conditions would call for some extra and this is a great supplement.  If you have adrenal or liver issues I would consider supplement daily.


calciumNew Chapter Bone Strength – This is a plant-sourced, whole food calcium that contains all the vitamins and minerals that are essential for proper absorption and utilization by the body.  If you take calcium make sure it contains all these ingredients to assure the calcium is deposited in your bone and not in you arteries.


prenatal-1Seeking Health Optimal Prenatal Vitamin – This prenatal vitamin provides you with all the essential vitamins and minerals you need in just a once a day tablet.  It contains two forms of folic acid and two forms of B12 to meet all your pregnancy needs.  The vitamin is free of gluten, soy, yeast, fish, shellfish, sugar, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, nuts, GMO’s, dairy/lactose and contains probiotics and enzymes to help with digestion.  Once a day, easy to swallow and contains all you need to stay healthy for your pregnancy.


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